Starting Point: Dane County employers are slow to achieve diversity and inclusion.

Vice President for Inclusive Excellence Yasser Kamal said the insurance company also aims to increase the diversity of its teams “to 50% by 2024,” among other things.

Florin said Hibing has become “more focused” on hiring a more diverse workforce, but did not elaborate.

Together with American Family and Summit, WPS Health has joined the signing of the CEO Pledge, Hammerlik said.

“I think it was a revival that I haven’t seen in my career,” Hamerlick said of how the assassination of George Floyd affected him as CEO. “I was in Minnesota at the time. This triggered a reaction from many (business leaders) that … we need to do something about it. “

Over the past year, WPS has held hearings for staff on the topic of diversity and inclusion. Since then, the health insurance company has created a Diversity Council, hired Vice President Diversity and Inclusion – Jihan Bekiri – and formed several community partnerships.

One of the partnerships launched in 2020 with Madison Technical College, Bekiri said, was to provide scholarships to underrepresented students to qualify for an insurance certificate. The Big Madison City League has been working on recruiting students, she said.


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