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Starting the Fit Year: Everything You Need to Know

Every year’s promise again knocks at your door, know the recommendations that Express It brings you to lead a healthy life, lose weight or tone it up, and don’t let the New Year’s cravings haunt you.

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Changing your life for a healthy life will not be easy, habits are not formed overnight, they are adopted over time; world of fitness is vast and varied, there is no exact formula to follow. But there are some tips that can be the key to guide you towards success in the process.

Find out what body type you have

Health experts have shown that genetics has a lot to do with weight loss or gain, as well as exercise, which should be sufficient for good results. Classification of bodies is divided into endomorphos, entomorfos why mesomorphs,

body endomorph Have a naturally slow metabolism. It is rounder and stockier. A person with an endomorph body may be muscular, but the body naturally stores fat.


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then there is the body ectomorpho Which is usually very thin. They have small bone structures and have narrow shoulders and chests.

for their part, mesomorphs They are muscular people. They are strong with well defined muscles. Mesomorphs are natural bodybuilders. They have broader shoulders and heavier bones than ectomorphs.

change your eating habits

A balanced dietRich in fruits and vegetables, will be your best ally to start a fitness life. Remember that reduced food intake does not guarantee a favorable weight loss, as exaggerated changes will result in the appearance of binge eating; Without counting the health problems that can result from this practice. Correcting this point permanently requires a reflective, replacing and reinforcing approach.

to reflect: about all your eating habits, both good and bad, as well as the things that trigger unhealthy eating.

Carolina Aguirre 1

Carolina Aguirre, a ‘fit mom’

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Change: Your unhealthy eating habits with healthy ones.

strongYour new eating habits.

consider fractions

Your plate should have room for 50% vegetables, 25% protein foods and 25% carbohydrates.

reward yourself for a job well done

If you’re the kind of person who can’t live without making sure Foods Don’t hold back from them, just elevate them to the rewards. You can eat it once a week or on weekends where it is more convenient for an event, party or meeting. Don’t abuse rewards because it’s about doing a good deed.

everything should be combined with exercise

While it’s true that food covers a large portion of the transformation, physical activity will be essential when going to the fit side. simple things like going out Walk, jogging Or a change going up and down the stairs would help a lot.

you must know

To get the best results in the gym, you should seek advice on what types of exercises are best for your body type. to not be one Adverse effect.

don’t just look at the weight

Don’t be obsessed with just the weight. Change will come slowly; Study yourself and feel how you are changing, enjoy the process. Weight will always objectively mark what we are looking for.

Stay hydrated and avoid sugar intake

sometimes people relax get thirsty With meals, avoid a false feeling of hunger and drink plenty of water. Small sweet treats like sweet chocolates and candies are also part of the problem, avoid them as much as possible, as they are considered more harmful than mangoes. fat,

Mistakes while eating:

  • Eating too fast: Don’t worry, this is not a competition, take your time to eat what you eat by chewing it properly.
  • Have snacks in between meals: When you have breakfast, you do not feel satisfied after eating and you end up eating twice as much.
  • Doing another activity Eating: When we eat we should stop doing other activities, because if the brain is distracted, the feeling of satisfaction will be active only when you are really full.
  • Skipping meals: Don’t look for gastritis, eat at the right time, all meal times are important, not just breakfast.
  • Eating out of anxiety or boredom: An invisible problem that you think is not harmful, in the long term and without realizing it you will depend on snacks to feel good.
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