State Security forced Diasniurka Salcedo to leave Cuba


The Cuban activist Diasniurka Salcedo Verdecia He reported that he received pressure from State Security to leave Cuba.

“This is what happens when you live in a dictatorship and you say it to their face. They try to silence you, silence you and even throw you out of your land, but they don’t give you the right to leave like everyone else. , but rather as they decide, in my case without my family. Well this is what I do, I break everything. Everything! I am not interested in leaving Cuba without my familysaid the activist.

Facebook Diasniurka Salcedo

A few days ago, Diasniurka shared a message in which he assured that he will continue to call for the fight against the regime until the independence of Cuba is achieved.

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He commented on that will not stop his activism because he wanted to reunite his son with the land of his birth. He mentioned the importance of the social work he did with the children on the island, but considered it insufficient and not a solution to the problem. He believes it is time for the government to stand on the streets.

Facebook Diasniurka Salcedo

These statements generated an immediate reaction from State Security against Diasniurka. They forced him to leave the country, as they did to other activists and opponents. He was one of the few who against all odds managed to stay on the island.

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“That’s easy, I don’t go anywhere without my family. And I don’t want even one more threat. From now on I’ll leave everything to the details of a dictatorship. Enough! Don’t call me to threaten. even, I live in a dictatorship, but he does not command me. I am free in soul and mind!said the activist.

Diasniurka showed pictures of all the documents he had received, unfilled and torn on the floor. This is a clear message for the suppressors, he will not leave his country for now.