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Thursday, May 6, 2021

Steam Therapy: Want to keep lungs strong during corona epidemic, then know how to take steam and what are the precautions

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New Delhi: Amidst ever increasing corona infection cases, people are making every effort to protect themselves from this epidemic. During this period, one of the most popular mosquitoes has also been included. It is believed that Steam inhalation proves effective in keeping the lungs strong during corona infection.

What is steam

Actually steam inhalation (Steam Inhalation) most commonly used in India It is one of the home remedies, commonly used to relieve cold, common cold or sinus infection. With this help, the mucus present in the nose, throat and lungs is moistened and taken out. In addition, this steam relieves inflammation in the nasal passages.

Does Steam Therapy Help You Fight Covid-19?

However, so far the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have not made any suggestion that steam therapy is capable of preventing coronovirus. But the American Lung Association (ALS) says that steam can provide great relief for breathing problems.

Apart from this, many physicians in India are also advising the corona infected patients to continuously steam to keep the lungs strong.

What electric machine Pick up steam Are traditional methods more helpful?

The practice is to use only the utensils present in the house to pick up steam. But at this time small steam electric machines are also available in the market, which are priced between 100 rupees to 500 rupees. The advantage of these machines is that you can use them anywhere with great comfort.

Especially for those who live at all, or the whole family has become corona infected, for them to get up in the state of illness and go to the kitchen and look for a vessel to stand there and heat the water and steam it extra carefully In a way, it works as a scabies in leprosy. Then the pot water soon cools down. In such a situation, there is also the possibility that even after working so hard, you will not be able to completely evaporate. In such a situation, these small electric machines can prove to be very helpful.

But keep in mind that such machines usually come without any guarantee / warranty, in such a situation, when buying them, run them once in the shop and check them.

How to get steam

– First of all, fill clean water in one vessel / electric steamer and heat it well.

After this, close all the fans, coolers and ACs in the room where you are going to take steam.

– Put a pot of hot water on the table.

– Take a towel and cover your face with it in such a way that all the steam in the steam vessel remains inside the towel. Do not go out.

– Now gently move the face with hot water Utensils / Electric Steamers Move to And from the distance you feel comfortable, slowly steam from there.

You can mix celery, basil leaves, cloves, a little camphor and ginger etc. in this water. Because All of these have the ability to kill bacteria.


– It is considered appropriate to steam only two to three times a day.

– Avoid steaming more than five minutes at a time.

– You can also keep your mouth open while taking steam.

– Do not sit in the air while steaming and after taking steam.

– Also do not drink cold water for a few hours.

– If you are taking steam from a vessel, place it on a surface that is flat, otherwise hot water may fall on you when the pot is moving.


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