Stellentis Vigo launches holiday break without all lines for the first time

Stellentis Vigo launches holiday break without all lines for the first time

stellar vigo Manages to have good forecasts for the remainder of the year very high level of production that will give them relief new weekend shift that factory will be fine in september,

automobile plant is about to start summer break But partly, with only a portion of the workers, an extraordinary measure driven by the upsurge of recent months due to the microchip crisis and halt of activity. Of line 1 (of passenger cars) will enjoy three consecutive weeks off from July 31 to August 20, while the operators of line 2 will assembly (van) two consecutive weeks -from August 7 to August 20-, and the third is a flyer and is enjoyed between June and September through a raffle that has already been organized. In the fourth week it will all happen on Christmas.

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till 16 september will start working on weekend shift in van line, after two years of suspension, with about 700 people. Most will be temporary staff, supported by experienced operators working in the factory and who will voluntarily transfer to the team to reinforce it. At the moment, the plant is not considering restarting the fourth shift on the second line, which has been on ‘stand by’ for just over a year due to the impact of the microchip crisis.

a problem, component purchasewhich has passed its worst and which is currently causing specific problems, which clears the last phase of the year, for which the Ballidos plant has good forecasts. Riding on the success of the factory’s best-selling 2008 Peugeot SUV and a good response in van markets, it ended the first semester with a production level of nearly 300,000 cars, of which it assembles models for five brands – Peugeot, Citroën, and Peugeot. Opel, Vauxhall (Opel for UK) and Toyota-. They all have an electric version and the factory is working on a pre-series of hybrid vehicles before 2008, which will hit the market in 2024.

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at the current rate, Stellantis Vigo may reach the level of 600,000 vehicles in 2023, which would mean a production record in the plant’s history that it has not been able to achieve in recent years due to the pandemic and the halt of activity due to microchips. It ended 2022 with a level of 400,000 cars, a leader in Spain.

The new settlement and electric cars

The last part of the year will be relevant for the automobile factory. From a labor point of view, you have to negotiate a new collective agreement, as the current one expires on December 31 for more than 6,400 employees. New models linked to the platform are pending award for assembling in the industrial sector. electric vehicles (STLA short) which requires an investment of 600 million, where the European Economic Fund through Perte is the lead.

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