Step By Step Millennium Group

Step By Step Millennium Group

If you are going through financial hardship and need to cut down on your retirement savings, we tell you that the only some cases In which you can apply and you have to follow some steps. known How to withdraw money from your Afore,

The first retirement fund administrators, as you know, are private financial institutions created since 1997 to enable employees to pool resources to use after the end of their working lives.

So, since it is labeled with money specific use You cannot use the money saved to act as a lock so that the money remains available for withdrawal at any time.

In what cases can Efor be withdrawn?

According to Retirement Savings System Overview Or, as provided for in the Social Security Law, only partial and total disposal of funds may be made.

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In the final case, there are three scenarios in which you can withdraw money from your account:

When you have reached the age of 65 years and have collected at least 500 weeks’ contribution in IMSS.

  • Due to unemployment in old age

When you have reached the age of 60 years, do not have a salaried job and have collected at least 500 weeks of IMSS contributions.

  • non-compliance with requirements

If you do not comply with the requirements established by Social Security law and if you are denied a pension, the funds from your Afores may be disbursed to you in full.

Unemployment withdrawal is a benefit that your Afor account provides you. , Specific

On the other hand, if you want to make Partial withdrawal of your account There are three situations you need to find yourself in for the process to be effective:

  • From help with wedding expenses,
  • By unemployment assistance,
  • yours voluntary contribution,
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How to withdraw money from my account?

Depending on the entity in which your savings are located, this is the procedure you must follow to be able to access your funds. Therefore, if it is so Profuturo, Kopel, Sura or some others The first step should be to communicate with them to get personalized advice.

You should know this in your case Asupplementary carriage Once this right is approved, you will be able to dispose of them.

Some of the basic documents they will ask from you are:

  • valid official identification

Voting Credential (issued by INE/IFE).

Mexican passport.

Professional License (issued by SEP).

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Military service record.

Migration documents or consular registration.

  • proof of address

Electrical energy supply.

Account statements for telephone or gas services.

Rights to water supply.

property tax.

Bank or department store account details.

  • Bank details in your name Less than 3 months old, where RFC with homoclave and interbank CLABE is visible.
It is important to know your ex/manners

Withdrawal step by step

  • The applicant has to appear in the former offices, submitting the request for provision of resources.
  • Enter full name with biometric signature, digital handwritten signature or SAR electronic signature.
  • Expect a response to your request within five business days.
  • Voluntary Savings Fund will be deposited in the indicated bank account.
  • Embracing this process is an effective way to leverage accumulated resources and ensure a more comfortable and secure retirement.


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