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Steve Jobs of health who cheated the mighty and could go to jail!

She put herself in his shoes, drank in her depths and fluctuated in her zigzags, but she also knows that’s not the case: Elizabeth Holmes – she believes – will betray her anyway: “If I had met her, she would have sold me sand.”

says Amanda Seyfried, who made her mark in the successful mini-series The Dropout on the Star+ platform. holmes She was a brilliant young woman who became a big business woman specializing in health technologies and clinical laboratories, until her ambitious projects were revealed to be fraudulent.,

“He could have used that talent for something good, which he did until his pitch stopped working,” lamented Seyfried.

The actress speaks in the past. Curious, as Elizabeth Anne Holmes lives, 38 years old, fortune, fame (shortly spoiled) and meteoric rise in the business circuit. But, in some ways, Seyfried doesn’t lie. Holmes, today, It has become a caricature of what it was. wait and, who knows, maybe you’ll be disappointed, It so happens that he could be sentenced to 20 years in prison for investor fraud. The sentence will be known in September.

The United States Department of Justice considered Holmes Guilty in one case of conspiracy and three of fraud, At the same time, he exempted her from four other charges of patient fraud and did not reach a consensus for three more.

He promised to detect hundreds of diseases, including cancer, but it turned out to be a scandalous set-up. I


The founder and CEO of biotechnology company Theranos, Holmes promised to detect hundreds of diseases, including cancer, with a single drop of blood through state-of-the-art machines. Looking for a dream, of course. But everything turned out to be a montage with malleable tails.

As it was, the coveted panacea paid off and Holmes began paying the big bill. Theranos was valued at $9 billion and employed over 800 employees in 2015. Some of them, aware of the interlining woven around the device, lit the fuse and later accused its executive director of fraud. Theranos was dissolved in 2018.

The businessman was lying, but did he think she was lying? Paheli elicited reactions and a colossal morbidity that turned his life into a miniseries and a miniseries a success (Six Emmy nominations, including Best Leading Actress for the work of Amanda Seyfried), The promises of magic and miraculous benefits, no one doubts at this point, grow like balls of snow and disintegrate as quickly as possible.

people affected by theranos There haven’t been a few big shots like Rupert Murdoch, former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and another former secretary of state in this matter of defense during Donald Trump’s tenure. The rise also surrounds former President Bill Clinton and Mexican mega-millionaire Carlos Slim, who invested in Theranos.

The television network HBO took advantage of the outcome of the case and filmed the documentary titled Silicon Valley is bleeding About the rise and fall of Holmes and his company. The effect of impact at the right time.

Actress Amanda Seyfried Played Holmes In The Series The Dropout.

Actress Amanda Seyfried played Holmes in the series The Dropout.

of two

Holmes’ former partner, Ramesh “Sunny” Balwani, who pleaded guilty in court, was the company’s chief operating officer. Together they devise the plan and drag in characters such as Betsy DeVos, a former education official, or Daniel Mosley, the influential lawyer. Members of the Walton family, owners of the Walmart supermarket chain, also fell into the trap.

“Elizabeth Holmes remains a mystery and this is a good opportunity to learn more about her. While promoting her company, she must answer questions from experts in public health, science and medicine. But she knew that Joe He didn’t know how to answer that,” Seyfried says.

he adds: “Holmes was an incredible actress who was very capable of creating things, especially the story of Theranos and its invention. He believed in himself. From a psychological point of view, if a person wants to be convinced of something and acts to achieve it, that moment will decide whether what he believes is true or not. Our mind is amazing: we can forget things and convince ourselves of others.

During the trial in San Jose, California, with quasi-devout interest and pilgrimage to court by enthusiastic spectators from across the United States, A lawyer for Holmes argued that “failure is not a crime.” The media had already stopped talking about his alleged paranormal discovery, the device Edison called, the “iPhone of blood”.

Holmes was an incredible actress who was very capable of making things happen… She believed in herself.

Amanda Seyfried, La Actriz de the Dropout

the deep voice of the former promise of silicon ValleyEnvisioned as a dazzling entrepreneur since the age of 19, has always characterized her. For the series, Seyfried had to practice for hours and hours to copy the record: “A great effort, because my voice is much higher than that, which felt that the way he spoke made more of an impact.”

At the age of 32, Holmes was the youngest billionaire in the world, According to Forbes magazine, he hoarded $4.5 billion, which was half the company’s value. The comparison was not long in coming: he was referred to as the “new Steve Jobs”.

Long ago, before the age of 20, he founded the company in 2003 real-time treatment in Palo Alto, California, when he was a freshman at Stanford University, a bold initiative for which he used the money his parents had saved for his education.

Changing the name till a good day. done theranos (therapy plus diagnosis: “therapy” and “diagnosis”): Practical, Holmes warned that many people do not trust the veracity of the word “cure” (“cure”).

The invincible aura of Holmes, a synthesis of drive, the self-made woman and innovation until then, when the newspaper broke wall street journal The huge pot of lies exposed at the end of 2015. Their report pointed out that the “miracle machines” did not comply with the health professional woman who was accused of campaigning in a bombastic manner.

Elizabeth Holmes Arrives At Federal Court In California With Her Husband Billy Evans And Her Parents.

Elizabeth Holmes arrives at Federal Court in California with her husband Billy Evans and her parents.

In addition, without authorization from the firms, Holmes displayed the logos of titans of the pharmaceutical industry such as pfizer You Schering Plough In terms of theranos In which the benefits of their machines were highlighted and sent to the investors.

The California jury needed a week to deliberate. earlier this year, Holmes was found guilty of fraud with her startup, after convincing investors that she would revolutionize blood testing with faster and less expensive equipment than traditional labs.,

With cunning, experience and advice from business experts, political stars and veteran law firms succumbed to the predicted manna.

Holmes’ lawyers insisted there was no bad faith in his conduct: “You know how criminals make money in the first problem, criminals cover their tracks and the rats jump in. Mrs. Holmes stayed the whole time. She believed in this technique,” said Kevin Downey, one of her attorneys. One said.

The sentencing of Holmes, who has already pleaded guilty, will be known on September 26. Long prison sentences are expected.

In 2014, a glorious moment of theranosHolmes was 30, “old enough to know the difference between right and wrong,” prosecutor John Bostick replied in the round trip.

Holmes argued in court, between sobs, That in her relationship with Ramesh Balwani (when she met him, she was 19 and she was 38) she was a victim of psychological abuse and sexual abuse.l: “I decided I was going to make a living for myself by forming a company. (Balwani) told me that he didn’t know what I was doing in business, that all my assumptions were wrong and that we would fail if I continued with my efforts.

“Sometimes he would go up and do something to me that I didn’t want to do. It hurt me,” he argued. Holmes doubled down on the testimony, saying that Balwani used suffocation and disciplinary control over himself from dawn to late night. theranos, Which was his right hand and the lender has categorically denied the allegations.

Holmes and Balwani were charged in June 2018. He has pleaded not guilty and posted $500,000 bail. The trial, interrupted by the pandemic and later the defendant’s pregnancy, ended in January 2022. Sentencing is set for September 26, with the potential for longer imprisonment and stratospheric fines.

Elizabeth Holmes Once Had A Net Worth Of Over Us.5 Billion And Was One Of The Richest Young Women In America.

Elizabeth Holmes once had a net worth of over US$4.5 billion and was one of the richest young women in America.

Despite the debts and lawsuits, Holmes did not deprive himself of tycoon status. In 2019, she married William “Billy” Evans (29), heiress of the Evans hotel chain in San Diego, in a secret ceremony. The two live in a Californian mansion with their son, William, who was born in July last year, which is worth $135 million.

When she was 9 years old, little Elizabeth was asked at a family reunion what she wanted to be as an adult: “Billionaire”, she replied firmly. Immediately cross-examined: “Won’t you be president?” The girl did not hold back: “No, the president will marry me because I will have a billion dollars.”

This dialogue is recreated in the book Bad Blood by journalist John Carrero, which will feature its film adaptation with Jennifer Lawrence as the protagonist of the biopic. Holmes did not marry the president, but he earned over a billion. At any cost, really.

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