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Storm Elliott highlights the usefulness of electric cars in the face of blackouts

Last week, Hurricane Elliott devastated parts of Canada and the United States. Cold and snow threw some areas of the North American continent into chaos, with specific events in the states of Buffalo, Montana, Pennsylvania and Wyoming. The officers were overwhelmed, Nearly 20,000 flights were cancelled, leaving thousands of passengers grounded; Worst of all, the death toll exceeded one and a half hundred. When New York Governor Cathy Hochul visited the environment, she declared that “it was like going to a war zone.”

One of the consequences was a power outage for two days in the Great Lakes region, with four and a half million customers among homes and businesses. It was a real drama for many families, except for one: that of a boy of unknown identity and who uses rapfanlj as his ID on Reddit. This user of the popular social network is a resident of Ontario, who was left without electricity at his home, torn apart by snow, and didn’t quite put up with Elliot’s harsh treatment.

new car new life

Months earlier, he had bought the Ford F-150 Lightning, an electric version of the ‘best-selling car in America’ for many years. This pickup is extremely popular in the inland regions of the North American subcontinent in its classic gasoline version, and tops the sales figures on a regular basis. Oval company launched on the market last April fully electric version, And the success has been such that till date the firm does not even accept orders due to its inability to supply to its factories. One of the gadgets it possesses is no less than eleven power outlets of different types distributed throughout its anatomy. At first it seems that they are there to charge electrical devices that do not require a lot of energy. Phones, computers, battery-powered bikes or scooters would be obvious destinations, but the F-150 has the technology v2g, l standard vehicle to grid (Vehicle to Network) allowed RapFanLJ to connect an extension cord to his truck’s socket, with which he brought power to his house and from the same garage.

Imagine: Ford.

With this, as he summarized in his public message, he blacked out the fridge, Wi-Fi, his television and enough light to light his house during the twenty-four hours. The most amazing thing is that when he disconnected the cables, he still had 65% of the vehicle’s battery left. This suggests that it could have given that level of usage for at least four more days. When Ford put its car up for sale, it said in its advertising that its power was such that it would be able to provide energy to the house in case of a power failure. Many smiled mischievously, but after what RapFanLJ experienced this time they would surely be raising their eyebrows… in silence, especially when reading the comments of other participants in an entry telling similar stories. Another Reddit user claimed, a few lines down, that during a three-day power outage near Lake Tahoe “Kept the fridge and boiler running, an 85-inch TV and surround sound system, plus Wi-Fi.” This second’s experience didn’t end there, and he added “In the end we had to use the car’s WiFi access point because the cell phone towers started running out of backup batteries and the truck was the only thing that received a signal. We also did the dishes.” and started the garbage disposal for testing.” Another user claimed that he got about eleven days of backup power from his truck. awesome.

this is not the only case

In the early hours of Wednesday, December 20, the ground shook in Humboldt County, north of San Francisco: An earthquake measuring 6.4 on the Richter scale woke residents in the area. When officers finished counting, they were missing two of their neighbors and another eleven had been injured in various ways. One of the consequences of the violent movement of land was that several high voltage lines were snapped. In spite of everything life goes on and without energy it becomes more difficult. Thus, Harper Motors, a North Eureka dealership, found a solution to its energy problem with the help of not one, but two vehicles parked right in front of it: Ford F-150 and Kia Niro. thanks for these two units was able to keep its facilities open during the rest of the day and till the power supply is restored the next day. While the Ford is able to deliver 9.6 kW of power through multiple outlets at different voltages, the Niro in its Wave trim manages 1.8 kW of power from two outlets, one in the front charging port and another accessible from the trunk. In their case, Hyundai calls their system V2L (Vehicle to Load / Vehicle to Load). Likewise, there are stories about the F-150 being used by its owners to provide mobile power during floods, or even as a mobile battery for movie sets filming movies in the middle of the woods.

Foto Del Rivian Que Cierra El Articulo
Rivian R1T. , Image Ford.


It is not known for certain who started this trend, but everything indicates that it was a urologist from Austin, Texas, named Christopher Yang. On September 1 this doctor published his experience on his social network. Apparently, within minutes of starting the vasectomy operation, the electricity at his clinic went off. The patient had requested leave for surgery well in advance and it was wrong for him to postpone it. Explaining the circumstances, Yang decided to attach the electrocautery device to his Rivian R1T truck with the help of an extension cable, which he had bought a few days earlier. When the urologist picked it up at the dealership, he assured him that with it he could accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in three seconds faster than a Lamborghini, or a little less than a slog; But they never told him that he could power all the equipment in his operating room, including the air conditioning system.

Two fairly clear conclusions can be drawn from all these experiences: One, that electric cars are going to continue to evolve their technology and are not going to remain just vehicles. They will continue to grow in this sense, and if these functions are almost real today, then from now on it will be a standard element in the majority. Another is that the power grid in North America is far worse than the cars they drive.

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