Strange yellow plastic that is placed on car windshields

Strange yellow plastic that is placed on car windshields

From states usagot included in An innovative invention has arrived that is attracting a lot of attention from drivers and, thanks to its very simple operation, it promises to be very useful. This safe and robust device is designed to prevent car theft.

his name is tiring And it looks similar to an outdoor umbrella and opens like a book. The suction cups stick to the glass of the book and effectively prevent its removal.

Its function is to obstruct the driver’s visibility and thus prevent him from driving. It can be removed only with numerical code. In this way, the driver can wear it when parking the car and remove it when returning, only with this code.

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how it all started?

In principle, it was conceived as a stable system so that Police Prevented a violating car from moving forward.

The agent concerned placed this type of open yellow book on the windshield and, once the fine was paid, provided the code to remove it.

Of course, after removing it, the driver was also obliged to leave it at a collection point, a kind of container with a mouth through which this strange safety device is introduced.

How much does it cost?

It is available for rent on the original website $250 per month (about 230 euros) to the security forces, who are allowed to keep everything collected from fines.

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he hasn’t arrived yet spain But this may happen in the near future and it may start being seen en masse on the roads, in stationary cars. Police Or protected by their owners.


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