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Strato HiDrive: A Cloud Storage Service With Tradition

With Strato Hidrive, a German cloud storage service is available that is by no means inferior to the big cloud providers in terms of functionality. The stored data can be edited directly in the web browser, for this purpose an online office is available.

Berlin Web Host Strato Celebrated Its 25Th Anniversary In 2022;  Online Storage Hidrive Has Been Around Since 2010.  In The Picture: A Strato Worker Inserts A Data Node From Online Storage Hidrive Into A Server Cabinet.
Berlin web host Strato celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2022; Online storage HiDrive has been around since 2010. In the picture: A Strato worker inserts a data node from online storage HiDrive into a server cabinet.

(image: Strato AG)

Strato Hidrive is a Germany-based secure cloud storage offering almost all the functions integrated by the major providers. However, HiDrive offers various benefits compared to the larger providers. Initially, the data is stored in German data centers in accordance with GDPR, which Strato also operates in a completely climate-neutral manner from 2021 onwards.

what your heart wants

In general, Strato HiDrive provides everything that cloud storage needs. In addition to the modern web interface and online office, apps for iOS/iPadOS and Android are available as well as clients for Windows and macOS. Linux users can connect to the cloud service directly as a single drive via CIFS. In parallel with using the client with WebDAV, it is also possible to connect HiDrive as a drive in Windows and macOS.

Depending on the package booked, multiple users with different accounts can access a single storage and manage their data. In this case, team folders can be used to set up shared storage areas, for example in companies, clubs, but also for families. Permissions are also controllable.

Modern web interface with online office

Modern web interface allows access to all data in cloud storage and uploading of files. Files can be managed through the context menu. Here, for example, a ZIP archive can be created from selected files directly in the web interface. With “open” the file can be opened and edited directly in the integrated web office. Sharing documents directly from HiDrive is also not a problem. Here the Service creates a link that can be sent by email or other means.

Documents can also be shared with HiDrive Share, but not directly with HiDrive’s files. There is no connection between the two services.

Integrated backup to cloud storage

One of the biggest advantages of Strato HiDrive over other providers is the integrated data backup. Unlike almost all other comparable offerings, Strato offers a backup function with HiDrive that goes beyond simply storing deleted documents in the Recycle Bin.

Patented Storage Platform In Strato Data Center: Online Storage Hidrive's Users' Data Is Stored Securely Here - Redundantly Distributed Across Multiple Hard Drives On Productive Storage Systems.  These Are Also Reflected 1:1 For Other Storage Systems That Are Independent Of Productive Storage.
Patented Storage Platform in Strato Data Center: Online Storage HiDrive’s users’ data is stored securely here – redundantly distributed across multiple hard drives on productive storage systems. These are also reflected 1:1 for other storage systems that are independent of productive storage.

(image: Strato AG)

“Backup” can be set in the web interface so that the service automatically backs up all data in Strato’s German data centers. By default, the service backs up the data daily and keeps it for a week. Settings can also be adjusted. For example, it is possible to back up data every four hours and keep the backed up data for a year.

However, backups can be made manually at any time. The backup can be found under “All Backups” in the web interface. Users can restore their data here and access the backup here at any time. If individual backup sets are no longer necessary, they can also be deleted at this point.

secure access features

In addition to storage in German data centers, TUV offers HiDrive end-to-end encryption, including a “Trusted Cloud” seal of quality from Saarland. Strato doesn’t have access to the keys. Encryption is in effect when accessed through a web browser and for Windows/MacOS clients as well as clients for iOS and Android.

With two-factor authentication, users can be sure that no unauthorized user can access the data, even if they know the credentials. For this purpose, the memory can connect to the usual authenticator apps from Microsoft, Google or FreeOTP.

In cloud storage settings, administrators can still specify which access protocols the storage allows. This is also not possible with most other cloud storage services. In general, Strato Hidrive allows access with WebDAV, SMB, rsync (SSH), GIT, SCP and FTP. This can be controlled through the “Access rights and protocols” area in “Settings”.

HiDrive Share – Free service for sharing (large) files

In parallel with the HiDrive, Strato offers the HiDrive Share service. With this service, users can securely share files up to 2 GB in size without a Strato account. However, files must be uploaded to a HiDrive share for this purpose. It is not possible to access a HiDrive share with files stored in HiDrive. This is usually not even necessary, as files can be released directly from HiDrive.

The advantage of HiDrive Share is that all data is stored only in German data centers. Neither the sender nor the recipient of the file requires an account with Strato to share. The link to access the file can be shared in any available way, even without being delivered an email.

After starting the service, users select the files to be shared with HiDrive Share using the “Add Files” button. It is not necessary to register for the service. The service can also be used to share multiple files at once, as long as they do not exceed 2 GB in total. When the upload is complete, the service creates a short link to access the files via the “Create Link” button. How a user shares the link is up to him. There is no compulsion to write an email about Strato. The link remains valid for seven days.

author’s conclusion

In general, Strato HiDrive offers almost all the functions that major providers Microsoft, Google or even Dropbox provide. The advantage of HiDrive is the integrated backup function, which prevents data loss. Data is stored in accordance with GDPR. The modern client and updated web interface provide many options that even inexperienced users can use.

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