Monday, January 30, 2023

Street and Square with Andres Manuel

In Venezuela, Nicaragua, Bolivia and Ecuador, to mention a few cases that immediately come to mind, the right knows how to get the masses out into the streets. I remember well how Hugo Chávez underestimated his opponents’ ability to show muscle in the streets when he called them “vulgars”. But when Chávez died the “Esqualidos” were able to bring the crowds out into the streets, taking advantage of the vacuum he had left. Furthermore, when Chavismo lost the legislative elections in December 2015, these mass demonstrations turned into “guarimbas”, i.e. violent and mass protests in the streets with an apparent coup d’état feeling.

The right wing in Mexico has still not recovered from the 2018 defeat, even though it may have recovered somewhat from the 2021 defeat. On the 13th of November last. Almost provocatively, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador cleared the Mexico City Zócalo so that his demonstration could end there, knowing it would not be filled. The right did not fall into the trap and preferred to end their demonstration at the Monument to the Revolution and it is estimated that it managed to mobilize 65,000 people.

The march and rally on Sunday, November 27, a response to the right-wing demonstration on November 13, demonstrated that so far, Samson has been kicking to compete with López Obrador in the streets and squares. If there is anything Andres Manuel has known how to do in his entire political life, it is to bring the masses to the streets and fill the squares with them. What with the great turnout – the official count takes up to 1.2 million participants – simply supports the logistical capacity of the president’s office and his team. There will be no shortage of people who say that the Zocalo was not full, not forgetting the tens of thousands of protesters who for various reasons did not reach the square and remained concentrated in the surrounding streets.

The authority, through social networks and the media, tried to disqualify Lopezbradorismo’s outpouring into the streets, interpreting it as one of the old demonstrations of carried people that used to be in the golden age of PRI Prato. was: at that time the people were taken against their will by the corporate instruments of the regime such as the PRI itself and the Confederation of Workers of Mexico (CTM), the National Campesino Central (CNC) and the National Confederation of Popular Organizations (CNOP) The medium was taken for concentration.

For this reason, hundreds of thousands of participants in the march and concentration in support of 4T’s government “carried” the adjective, which was one of the main reasons for the derision of the right wing. The truth is that the demonstrators on Sunday, November 27, express the real support of the public that the government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador has. Yesterday’s demonstration was not mass mobilization “from above” as the PRI used to do when it wanted to propagate the illusion of great popularity of one of its presidents.

What we saw yesterday was a massive show of popular support for a government that is “from below”, with which at least two thirds of the population identify themselves. The reasons for this recognition are explained by the President in his speech, along with data provided about economic growth and other macroeconomic indicators, recovery of security, employment, social programs, minimum wage increases, health, education, savings in public spending, had expressed Thanks to the fight against public money corruption, infrastructure whose data we do not mention so as not to overwhelm the readers.

The five-hour-long march we saw yesterday from Reforma Avenue to the Zocalo saw hundreds of thousands marching, a continuation of the mass demonstrations that began with Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas’s election campaign in 1988 and have covered a good portion of the country I will continue The first three decades of the XXI century. The march on November 27 is an expression of the fact that the movement led by López Obrador, Murray and their allies is a real expression in Mexico of what Gramsci called “national popular”.

On Sunday, November 27th, what will end in the 2024 elections. That year, the movement founded by Andres Manuel should win the presidency and a comfortable majority in the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate to deepen the Fourth Transformation. Anything may happen over the next 18 months, but today it seems that good government is the best way to drive change.

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