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Strength exercises that compete with aerobics in reducing body fat: “They are just as effective”

It is recorded in the collective imagination that, to help reduce body fat Balanced nutrition, running, swimming or any other active activity is a major ally. However, today it is known that Are strength exercises as effective as aerobics When it comes to chasing the slim physique.

“In the past it was thought that aerobic exercise was the only way to reduce body fat, with only one study being conducted. Today, thanks to science, we know that Strength training is just as effective for reducing body mass. With that plus, When you work out strength in a plan that aims to lose fat, you don’t lose muscle.Yes, it corrects that too. Therefore, strength exercise is effective for losing fat and improving muscle mass,” he says. Country sports doctor alexander garcia,

strength training You can work with the band with your own weight.With machines, with plates, with dumbbells, There is no one way to do this, but there are different ways that suit the taste of the individual.

Preference should be given to multi-joint training such as pull-ups, deadlifts or squats.
Preference should be given to multi-joint training such as pull-ups, deadlifts or squats.unsplash

“When you exercise at the top A machine, acting as a guide And there is less technical demand. Conversely, when performing free weight exercises, Techniques need further learning, such as deadlifts or squats, It is appropriate for the person, if they do not have the right technique, they should start with exercises that are easy to perform and with the least complicated technique, and as they progress they become more The more complicated the exercises, the more difficult they are”. He clarifies. Garcia.

According to the professional, it is ideal to think of an exercise plan where Preference should be given to multi-joint exercisesIn which many joints and muscles are involved. For example, Flat Chest, Pull-Ups, Deadlifts, Squats, Hip Thrusts, or Farmer’s Walk, “No exercise is more effective than another. The ideal is to have a plan”, he says.

associated with other physical activities, The work of a force exerts its consequences, Thus, in addition to strength, it is ideal to work on all physical abilities: Balance, mobility and exercise endurance.

In a muscle loss plan, the more you move, the more the results add up. This sport goes beyond physical activity, such as walking or sweeping. It is also a plus if one does aerobic training in addition to strength., “Everything goes into this plan to lose body fat. No one method is more effective than the other., Everything is part of a plan. When one considers doing strength exercises, a part of physical condition improves. That is why they are not protesting, just the opposite”, he explains.

Muscle-strengthening exercise sessions should last for 30 minutes, at least two or three times a week.
Muscle-strengthening exercise sessions should last for 30 minutes, at least two or three times a week.unsplash

And it highlights: “Ideally, aerobic training should be combined with strength training.Not only to reduce fat, but also to improve physical fitness.”

muscle strengthening exercise routine Must last at least 30 minutes, and practice Two or three times a week. If possible, even better. If there are more days, the work distribution will be better; And, if fewer days of the week are dedicated, more workload will be concentrated on those days. ,There is no minimum or maximum recommended. that suit According to the situation of the person and the time available. If the person has 15 minutes, train him for 15 minutes. Obviously, it would be better for him to train for an hour”, says Garcia.

How does exercise work in reducing body fat?

,aerobic exercise Stimulates certain metabolic pathways that cause energy to be used, In the aerobic case, different energies are used and have to do with Time, intensity, duration and type of exercise, First, the one that is used the most is the energy provided by the phosphate. As time goes on, the phosphates begin to deplete and the carbohydrates are used up,” he explains.

And he adds: “Carbohydrates are depleted and they mainly use up fat. in strength training Phosphate is mainly used. but the simple act of exercising Strength training will stimulate another metabolic pathway, which will aid in a process in which energy is used to lose body fat.,

Aerobic and strength training helps reduce body fat and supplement nutrition.
Aerobic and strength training helps reduce body fat and supplement nutrition.unsplash

strength exercises have no contraindicationsas long as there is no distortion which is unbalanced. In this case, you will have to pay compensation first. For example, “in a hypertensive crisis, first you have to control it. But force work is not contraindicated, but it must be dosed and adapted to hypertension”, indicates the player.

And he highlights: “The person will be given alarm guidelines so that he doesn’t train too much. Because if the dosage you use for training is too high, it can lead to high blood pressure. high blood pressure per se, or some other deformation, do not impede the work of the forcewhich will suit the condition, age and condition of the person”.

Similarly, strength training is not the same in a person with good knee mobility as it does not in another person; Not if you have joint pain; Expert says if he trains every day then if he hasn’t done so for 20 years. ,Exercise “adapts to the individual’s situation and condition”, but there is no difference. ideally, A person who has controlled high blood pressure works by his own strength. it has been shown that Strength work improves blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and many prevalent pathologies“, add.

Although aerobic and strength training help reduce body fat, they complement a healthy diet. ,Nutrition Makes the Big Difference When It Comes to Losing Body Fat, As a supplement, there is exercise in strength and aerobic exercise., As long as the person improves their nutrition, they are just as effective”, emphasizes the professional.

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