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Stress, resignation, dismissal or sanctions: is it the fate of the CISO?

In the crowd of cyber-security conversations, there is one topic that almost always evokes a universal claim: the role of the CISO is becoming more and more difficult. Despite increased salary and benefits, this trend continues to accelerate, pushing security officers to experience high levels of stress and even burnout.

The things that cause this crisis

The reasons for this growing pressure are many. This is one snowballing position: many IT security managers started out, which later became information security and then cybersecurity; and each of these areas has growth and responsibilities. We are now entering an era of all-encompassing cyber resilience.

Despite increased salary and benefits, this trend continues to accelerate, pushing security officers to experience high levels of stress and even burnout.

Another reason is the environment in which we operate. Both our company and society are more complicated. This drives the dark and unpredictable behavior of systems that operate in a social framework that increasingly depends on them. The result is a delicate, fragile environment that is more vulnerable to system failures.

And, as icing on the cake, we now see CISOS face potential legal penalties for their actions: years in prison and hundreds of thousands of fines. If you need to see more risk than you need to do well, we have it here.

It’s no wonder that CISOs talk about their desire to drop everything, and a growing number of employees are clear that this role is not for them.

“I’m fine; I really am”

Many of us think that we are well able to bear the force of this work; however, fatigue is rarely perceived by individuals. In extreme cases, there may also be physical symptoms, such as chest pains or panic attacks, but more often than not, the problems remain internal, perhaps contained to some extent by isolation, self-medication, and other stimuli.

Smartphone theft. We know that we are at a disadvantage, although the slow increase in pressure is normalizing. Burnout, on the other hand, is explosive. It happens suddenly, when an event that is usually considered to be inconsequential becomes so great as to cause a catastrophic collapse. For individuals, it is often difficult to see it coming, even though family, friends and colleagues expect it.

And that stress can undermine our ethics. An option can be tempting to risk or slightly distort the fact or action, especially if it frees you from pressure and pressure on the next table of the league. However, any bad decision will eat away at your integrity with potentially disastrous consequences.

If you want to cascade through the organization, beyond your office, and to the people who report to you, how can you know that the data you receive is accurate and not treated in a similar way to minimize the loop? How can we tolerate this and succeed in our sanity and ethical integrity?

It is not easy either. Simply put, everyone has to find their own way, as everyone has different ways of dealing with politics. It is also important that, once you identify your path, you know what it is.

First, put on your oxygen mask

Care is paramount, and it can be done in many ways. It is appropriate to always face problems, tackle a difficult issue every day and find a timely solution. If that is not possible, delegate advice and support up or down.

Recognize that your emotional response to any situation is a choice. You can get angry when something unexpected happens, or you can choose not to. Choose the most useful!

A common amplifier of pressure is the need to constantly change contexts, due to the immense variety of roles of the security manager. Consider setting limits and rules that both you and your team will follow. Take a step back, breathe and REFRESH before the next challenge. for tomorrow is the time itself.

A culture of care

We must overcome our own concerns. Leaders, we are responsible that this event does not affect the people who trust us or our staff; and we can achieve this by coordinating the work model with our team. Create a culture of caring with those around you by looking for signs of stress in them and asking them to do the same for you. He usually mentions fatigue that is more visible from the outside.

Similarly, any impulse to become superheroes is elevated. When staff receive gratification and positive support for taking part in a crisis, they will often expect this, which is healthy for no one.

Finally, recognize that the team’s efforts are only the tip of the iceberg. Under them is a lot of professional and personal sacrifice to make everything work better for them, so be grateful whenever you have the chance.

Straight and narrow

According to ethics, it is necessary to lead the teams where it is right to go only. Those minor infractions that are not addressed then escalate. Examine everything to identify possible points of conflict and create responsibilities that take you out of the loop.

However, even more importantly, you must provide yourself with ethical guidance. We all have our own goals, objectives and desires that drive our actions and shape our personality. However, in stressful times, it is easy to lose them and focus only on the problem at hand. Write down your personal principles and always carry them with you as a basis for your actions.

Perhaps you will always be kind and considerate to others. Maybe you agree to always act like your loved ones are by your side, or to be honest at all times, even when it means more work. If your role leads you to make decisions that you recognize as ethically sound, ask yourself if it is time to leave your role. Recognize that, as a security officer, we have a large safety net, and that your integrity and reputation always come through. But without an ethical net, salvation perishes.

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