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Saturday, February 27, 2021

Strict with Team India, No room exit, clean the toilet itself

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The Indian cricket team has reached Brisbane for the fourth Test against Australia. But here the team has to stay in a harsh quarantine. Players have to do all the work themselves. Indian players have called it a prison of sorts. The Times of India quoted Indian players as saying that the team stayed in a hotel named Sofitel, four kilometers away from Gaba’s ground. The players have called the hotel fine but said that it can be called a kind of jail in all ways.

The players told the Times of India that all are locked in their rooms. You have to fix your bed. Toilets have to be cleaned by themselves. The food comes from an Indian restaurant nearby. This is given to the players on their floor only. They cannot go beyond the floor that the players have got. The entire hotel is empty but players cannot use any facilities. Neither can they go to the gym nor to the swimming pool. Hotel cafes and restaurants are also closed.

Brisbane is currently Corona Free. Despite this, Team India cannot go out. People associated with the team say that India is still struggling with injured players. In such a situation, how can they be recovered without using the gym or pool. If there is no one in the hotel then what is the point of keeping them closed? It is said that the Indian team management has informed the BCCI about this.

Players’ nose swollen after getting corona test done

The report says that there is a big difference in the facilities that were promised and the facilities that have been received. It was said that the players will get rest on completion of the necessary quarantine. They will be given necessary facilities. But nothing like this is happening. The players have been examined 15 to 20 times. It has caused swelling in the nose. Sometimes blood comes. The problem is that many players are injured. It seems that the team has become a hospital ward. Still there is no relief.

Indian players will be constantly busy

So far it has not been revealed what response has been given by BCCI about this. It is also a matter of concern that the Indian team has to play the entire series from England after coming home. Then it will be time for IPL. After this, India has to tour England and then T20 World Cup will be played. In this way, players will not have a chance to rest.

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