Struble made a maneuver that no CH defender could

Struble made a maneuver that no CH defender could

Since his arrival on the scene, Jayden Struble has shown that he has all the assets to establish himself within a National League defensive brigade. Number 47 does all the right things, if nothing else fluffand with great rigor and confidence.

It was because of that well-established confidence that he broke through with the Buffalo Sabers to score his first career NHL success. A goal worthy of a player who has a very good reading of the game and who chooses the perfect moment to cut it (the game).

In addition to reading the patterns of the game well, he knows how to play well with his wand (his stick), while using his body and body strength well against an opponent of Tage Thompson’s caliber.

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As Grant McCagg wisely pointed out: no Habs defender stopped him on a power play last season. McCagg was clearly talking about Thompson, a brute force of nature who stands 6-foot-6 and weighs 220 pounds.

Pay close attention to how Struble positions his body and legs to block Thompson and prevent him from threading the needle. This is art!

Let’s be serious for a moment: Struble doesn’t deserve to return to the Laval Rocket. He’s an NHL player, no doubt about it, and he’s certainly outclassed some of the defensemen in the Habs’ hierarchy.

Jordan Harris has every reason in the world to be nervous…he’s looking at the infirmary right now. With the return of David Savard, the dominoes will begin to fall and we will learn more about where Struble is. And with this quality defensive depth, Kent Hughes can move a Matheson or Kovacevic.

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For Sheriff Gustav Lindström, a right-hand man who plays an honest game, can still suffer…

All things considered, Hughes does not only have a problem in front of the net, because it is also the case in defense, where we can (also) find good depth.