Suarez and Redmayne style? Yotun ‘shot’ a penalty in the last minute and misses out on Cristal’s win over Cantolao

Suarez and Redmayne style?  Yotun 'shot' a penalty in the last minute and misses out on Cristal's win over Cantolao

Sporting Crystal did not give up trying to win against them cantalao at Villa El Salvador, as that result placed them at the top of the Clausura tournament and also in the accumulated position in the Liga 1 betsan. Opportunity came at the last minute, in favor of a free kick and searching for everyone by air.

Yoshimar Yotan hits it, adds Omar Merlo and the ball goes to the goalkeeper Christian Limousine, but it escaped from the Cantolao goalkeeper. Gianfranco Chávez rebounded and Merlo took the lead again. The ball went to the goal, but it appeared to be on the line Jose Ramirez and cleaned it by hand.

There was no discussion. Ramirez’s decision momentarily saved Cantolao, but he saw a red card and a penalty for Sporting Crystal. very similar to a play in which he acted Luis Suarez Uruguay vs Ghana at the 2010 World Cup.

The referee indicated the penalty and Yoshimar Yotoni He called for a chance for his double and gathered Sporting Crystal to take a crucial win.

The fine that Yoshimar Yotan imposed against Cantolao

but Christian Limousine He tried to avoid the defeat of the ‘Dolphins’, as it would be more complicated with the issue of durability. Thus, the goalkeeper began to cross the entire goal line, a scene that caused déj vu with the goalkeeper’s action. Andrew Redmayne in punishment of Peru Vs. Australia Qatar in the 2022 playoffs.

Such movements are no longer permitted by regulation, but when the limousine insisted it saw a yellow card. Finally, without moving I waited for the shot Yoshimar Yotun.

The midfielder decides to ‘cut’ the ball. The limousine launched itself on its right side, although he reacted in time and managed to get in front of the ball’s trajectory, later cleared by the finesse defence.

In a very special end, Sporting Crystal missed out on the win that put them on top of everything, while Cantolao continues to fight to get away from relegation.

Sporting Crystal vs Cantolao: This is how they started in Ligue 1 Betsson

Sporting Crystals: Alexander Duarte; Jilmar Lora, Gianfranco Chavez, Omar Merlo, Nilsson Loyola; Martin Tavara, Horacio Calcatera, Yoshimar Yotun, Leandro Sosa, Alejandro Hohberg, Irvain vila.

Cantalao: Christian Limousine; Giancarlo Carmona, Jose Ramirez, Aaron Sanchez, Alonso Tamariz; Jose Manzaneda, Zamir D’Arrigo, Carlos Uribe, Jesus Castillo; Diego Morales, Rodrigo Pasterini.

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