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Subaru All New Crosstrek, XV with a New Global Name Racing5

Subaru Chile introduced new Subaru All New Crosstrek which sports a compact body thanks to a resistant, sporty and high-performance design Symmetric AWD Drive unique to subaru that makes it suv crossover Versatile ideal for any road or weather conditions in the city or on outdoor adventures.

although the car is called «Crosstrack» hey «Subaru XV» by market, name «Crosstrack» From this third generation model it will be used globally. Not only has the emphasis been placed on the unique design of the previous model, but also refined the driving dynamics of the car. All New Crosstrek, Also, it is the first model to be equipped with the latest generation iSight technology subaru Which has a wide-angle mono camera, which improves the safety performance of the driving assistance system.

All New Crosstrek It will be a faithful companion with versatility and reliability; Designed for those looking for a car for everyday life and an ideal companion for embarking on new adventures. Perfect for a life without limits and for those who want a satisfying driving experience as well as a level of freedom.

Exterior design

The high position of the hood creates a feeling of solidity and power. The front appearance reflects a strong and agile design with its sharp lines in the front grille and LED headlamps. extensive physical work Demonstrates with its high ability to drive safely and high performance on the road, which combined with dynamic lines and shapes displays a sense of reliability and dynamism including the Touring version 18 inch aluminum wheels,

At the rear, the cabin tapers to emphasize the wheel arches that protrude from the model, boosting an overall sense of reliability.

Subaru all new crosstrek, xv with a new global name racing5

Interior design

The instrument panel design uses a multi-layer, multi-material structure that highlights the unique textural characteristics of each material, providing a simple yet highly expressive dashboard. The top of the center console has been raised to give a premium feel and improve ease of use. Clever improvements to the design of storage space enhance its use, resulting in a car interior with a playful feel.

The CVT variant gets cloth seats, while the Dynamic variant gets tricot seats. Leather seats are only available in the Touring model.

Interiors still as spacious as the previous model Ideal for drivers of all sizes to find a comfortable driving position and all passengers can enjoy a comfortable riding experience with minimal fatigue even on long journeys.

All New Crosstrek It sports a large loadspace door opening as well as plenty of interior space to carry luggage. In addition, the 60:40 split folding rear seats make it easy to expand cargo space when loading heavy or long items into the vehicle.

rear door lower trim and side sill plates a mountain inspired texture, offering exceptional design aesthetics with practical benefits such as slip and scratch prevention. The shape of the side sill plates has also been optimized to increase stability when loading items onto the roof rails.

The 11.6-inch infotainment screen retains its large, tablet-like shape for intuitive use, with a sleek, state-of-the-art design that enhances smartphone-integrated functionality. The result is an advanced infotainment system that offers operations similar to a standard smartphone.

Subaru all new crosstrek, xv with a new global name racing5

Driving dynamics

Seats with an innovative design supports and aligns the pelvis, preventing the rocking movement from being transferred to the head. This design makes driving more comfortable by reducing shaking during steering actions as well as rocking due to uneven road surfaces.

The seat mounting structure has been changed from the standard type where a bracket is used between the seat and the car body, where the seat rail is attached directly to the body. This new approach increases the stiffness of the mounting connections and reduces vibration while reducing seat swing for a more comfortable, high-quality driving experience.

A high attenuation mastic (elastic adhesive) with excellent vibration absorption and damping was also used between the roof panels and braces. It also provides a smoother ride by reducing sound pressure caused by roof vibrations and improving noise reduction inside the cabin.

The Subaru Global Platform, which has always provided excellent handling stability and driver comfort, has been improved. New insights and technologies have been used to incorporate full internal frame construction, as seen on other models including the WRX and its high-performance version the S4, as well as expanded application of structural adhesives, increased stiffness in the suspension linkage growth, and more. , To achieve high-level driving dynamics.

Subaru all new crosstrek, xv with a new global name racing5

Full internal frame construction

Typically, a car body is made by assembling the upper and lower body parts separately and then gluing them together. However, the new full internal frame body design involves first robust assembly of the entire frame, followed by welding of the external panels, increasing body rigidity and reducing weight. By achieving a highly rigid body that minimizes minor deformation and flexing, it is possible to get the best performance out of the suspension and engine mounts. it enhances the performance of All New Crosstrek While improving the absorption of vibrations caused by the road surface, achieving a pleasant, flat, smooth and high quality driving experience.

Dual Pinion Electric Power Steering

The dual-pinion electric power steering has almost no response lag for a high quality sporty feel. The structure in which the steering axis is separated from the motor assist axis reduces the initial resistance to steering. This allows a linear and uniform transmission of torque. Additionally, this model retains the variable gear ratio design of previous models, which changes gear ratios in response to steering input to provide precise control during low-speed travel, as well as stable straight-line travel at high speeds. does too.

Electric brake booster boosts outstanding performance by improving pre-collision braking response. This, in turn, improves responsiveness in dangerous situations, such as when an object appears unexpectedly. In addition, the inclusion of adaptive cruise control at all speeds allows a quick deceleration response when a car suddenly cuts into someone’s lane and in similar scenarios.

Subaru all new crosstrek, xv with a new global name racing5

Security features

LED lights are now used for high and low beams, position and turn signals. In addition, this model includes LED turn signals for the first time in a Subaru vehicle, which illuminate the road ahead when turning a corner at an intersection or other similar location, improving nighttime visibility for the driver.

The new stereo camera unit doubles the viewing angle compared to previous generations. In addition, the image recognition and control software has been improved to allow the recognition of objects at wider angles and farther distances. Similarly, changes to the windshield mount and the addition of a lens hood prevent accidental contact with the camera lens.

Its wide-angle mono camera, recently adopted in the brand’s models, allows it to detect motorcyclists and pedestrians at a much wider angle than the new stereo camera when traveling at low speeds. It is capable of initiating pre-collision braking in a wider range of conditions and provides never-before-seen performance of Subaru’s exclusive EyeSight driver assistance system.

Subaru all new crosstrek, xv with a new global name racing5

Collision protection

subaru Subaru Global has further enhanced the crash protection capability of the platform, which has been widely praised. This system now provides improved crash protection performance for passengers and pedestrians. To reduce damage during frontal collisions, the bumper beam has been widened to extend outside the vehicle and a collision subframe has been added to absorb forward impacts. In the event of a collision with another vehicle, the improvement in “collision adaptability” not only protects the people in the car, but also the occupants of the other vehicle. Additionally, as in the Outback, new Mobile Progressive Deformable Barrier (MPDB) tests have been implemented to assess crashworthiness in frontal collisions.

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