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Such a tragedy happened with a girl, who made engineer Deepak Tyagi Mahant Yeti Narasimhanand Saraswati: read full story

Recently, after beating a 15-year-old boy named Asif at Dasna’s Shiva-Shakti temple, the Liberal gang created a neuter that he went to drink water, but was beaten up. However, Shringi Yadav, accused of beating her, told that she and her partner were urinating on indecent behavior and Shivling with women. In this episode, Mahant Yati Narasimhanand Saraswati (his name was Deepak Tyagi) was in the news.

People were greatly affected by the way they broke the left wing brigade. Especially the reporters of ‘The Quint’, by giving strong answers to every question, they demolished their narrative. The video went viral on the internet and became a sensation. But, do you know how a person from Moscow and a job worker in London became a Hindu Mahant? Let us tell you the story of Yeti Narasimhanand.

How engineer Deepak Tyagi became Mahanta of Dasna

Last year, Mahant Yati Narasimhanand Saraswasti himself revealed about several chapters of his life through an article. In this article ‘News 24 × 7’ Was published. In it, he has given the details of the incident of ‘Love Jihad’ with an innocent, which changed his life. In this article he has told about the ‘painful and true story’ of a girl. This incident dates back to 1997, when he used to be ‘Deepak Tyagi’.

In this article, he has informed that he returned to the country after completing Mtech’s education from ‘Institute of Chemical Engineering’ from Moscow at that time. He wanted to do something big and for this he felt that he should go into politics. He was born into a middle-class peasant family and his grandfather was a congress officer of Bulandshahar district before independence. Mahanta Yeti is proud that he was one of the very few who did not take pension as a freedom fighter after independence.

At the same time, his father was a national level leader of Union Government Employees Union. Mahanta Yeti says that when he was born in a Tyagi family, he loved the politics of muscle power and some people who knew him also made him the District President of the Youth Brigade of the Samajwadi Party. He told that as everyone does in politics, he also formed a group of people from his fraternity and organized some Tyagi conferences.

Mahanta Yeti Narasimhanand Saraswati says that many Tyagis joined him and he came to be recognized as a youth leader. Since his grandfather was Congressman, father union leader and leader of the Samajwadi Party himself, he believed that he had nothing to do with any idea of ​​Hindutva at that time and his study abroad-job led to religious beliefs only with superstition and They were thought to be hypocrites.

He writes that he used to have many Muslim friends due to living in Meerut and studying abroad and his social and political background. One day he suddenly met former MP Baikunth Lal Sharma ‘Prem’, one of the founding members of the BJP, who had resigned from the membership of Parliament and started the work of Hinduism. He told such stories of atrocities of Muslims to Deepak Tyagi that his mind wandered, but could not believe, in his own words.

Then he has mentioned that incident, his office was in front of Shambhu Dayal Degree College in Ghaziabad. A girl from the Tyagi family, studying in the same college, came to him and said that he had some work with him. When Mahanta Yeti asked him for work, he asked to be told in private. Then he asked the people sitting with him to go out. When everyone left, suddenly the girl started crying and kept crying for about half an hour.

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Mahant Yati Narasimhanand Saraswati has given further details of this incident and has told that if he tried to make him drink water, he did not even drink water and got up and left. He was very surprised. He says that he did not see any unknown woman crying like this. He writes that the face of that ‘baby girl’ was very innocent and he liked it very much. He felt that he and he had some relationship. He further explained:

“After a few days I almost forgot that suddenly she came again and she told me that she wanted to talk to me. I then sent my colleagues out and asked them to talk. She tried to tell, but she started crying again and her cry was so bitter that even a hangman like me got filled with eyes. I asked for water and tea for him. Gradually she became normal and she told me that a year ago she had befriended a Muslim girl in her class, who befriended her with a Muslim boy. “

“They both took some pictures of him together and had to make connections with all the Muslim boys of the entire college. Now the situation had become such that they used to use it to please college professors, officials, politicians and city goons and as such she was not the only girl but fifty girls like her. Was trapped in the clutches. The most important thing in this was what he told me that all the Muslim boys and girls were completely mixed and many Hindu boys were also with him in their greed and all of them were Hindu girls. ”

Dasna’s Mahant Yati Narasimhanand Saraswati has told in that article that he was wandering in his mind that why is that girl telling him all this and he also asked this question. The girl told him that all those Muslims always appear with him. The girl said that on one hand they talk about the upliftment of the sacrificers and on the other side they live with people who are ruining their sisters and daughters in this way.

The Mahant Yati Narasimhanand Saraswati, when the girl said that there are people like her responsible for her ruin, then she found it very bad. The girl even went so far as to imagine that she is silent when she found something to do with the Muslims. He heard the word jihad from the same girl for the first time and traced the tragedy to the girl, read Islamic literature and recalled the words of former MP Prem. Then Deepak Tyagi started becoming Yeti Narasimhanand Saraswati.

Millions of people have become fans of Mahant Yeti Narasimhanand Saraswati’s arguments.

He feared that the girl committed suicide and that he could not save her. He writes, “Today I see that such incidents happen in our country every day and no one is bothered. Even those who do this with their daughters and sisters do not mind. But, I made a difference and I know that what I did, I did very well. I have no regrets about anything. Whatever I could do, I did and whatever I can, I will do as long as I am alive. “

Please tell that there used to be a lot of conflict between Yadavs and Gurjars in Dasna and the surrounding areas. When the situation was getting out of control due to that tension, Mahant Saraswati came forward and took the initiative to establish peace. He had explained to both communities that they are two hands of the same mother, so stop fighting. He told the people of both communities how anti-Hindutva forces have been benefiting from the mutual fight between the Hindus.

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