Such cruel Putin’s army created a ruckus in Iseum

Such cruel Putin's army created a ruckus in Iseum

“buried with a rope around his neck”

Such cruel Putin’s army created a ruckus in Iseum

Hundreds of bodies were found after Russian soldiers withdrew from Izium and were buried in a hurry. Now the surviving residents tell of the brutal occupation.


Hundreds of people were buried in a confined space: a mass grave in a pine forest near Isjum.

Even days after the withdrawal of Russian troops, the extent of the crime in the Ukrainian city of Izium is still unclear. Every day, the Ukrainian military discovers new mass graves and torture chambers on the ground. Putin’s men also did not shy away from kidnapping: 80 children were kidnapped and possibly taken to southern Russia.

Mayor of Izium: “They kidnapped, tortured and tortured people”,01:31,

During their time in Izium, Russian soldiers apparently massacred civilians, as a report in the Telegraph shows. During the Russian occupation, for example, Volodymyr Kolesnik lost his cousin Yui, his wife Svetlana, and his mother Natalia. “I never got his death certificate, just a list with three numbers,” Kolesnik says.