Summary of the match between Benfica and Inter Milan (3-3). OBJECTIVES

 Summary of the match between Benfica and Inter Milan (3-3).  OBJECTIVES

What looked like a field day in Portugal turned into a nightmare for Benfica who saw how a 3-0 lead melted away against a brave Inter Milan who knew how to recover and came back to reach the final 3- 3 on the fifth day of the match. UEFA Champions League.

It looked like Portuguese Joao Mario was the dream of the afternoon, as he scored three goals in 30 minutes in the first half. Everything worked for the Eagles who reached the goal and scored a goal in the first half.

Simone Inzaghi, coach of Inter, is responsible for this because he sent a team full of substitute players on the field and when the score was against him he decided to start making changes that slowly paid off until that he achieved a remarkable 3-3 final score.

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Benfica’s goals

It was the first four minutes when defender Antonio Silva raised his head and sent a long pass to Tengsted, who received and sent a cross to Mario for 1-0.

The second goal came after a mistake by the midfielder Asllani, who lost the ball at the start against Tengsted who sent a cross that bounced from a defender and fell to Mario, who took advantage of his opportunity and made it’s 2-0.

The third goal was impossible from a defensive point of view, but it has great merit because it emerged from a great collective game in which almost all Benfica players participated, including Fideo.

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The penultimate touch was a cross from Tengsted that neither the defender nor the goalkeeper of Rafa Silva could connect with, despite the fact that everyone saw the ball pass centimeters away. On the other hand, Mario is ready to push the ball into the goal to achieve a resounding 3-0.

Inter’s goals

But the rain that began to fall at the Lisbon Stadium and Inzaghi’s strategy turned the game around. First with Marko Arnautovic finishing a ball in the small area from a header from a teammate.

It was initially flagged as offside, but VAR corrected it and the Italians scored 3-1.

Then came a great goal from Davide Frattesi who finished a Francesco Acerbi cross with scissors to give excitement to the game with a score of 3-2 and finally Alexis Sánchez took a penalty in the 72nd minute that could have made it 3-3.

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The contributions of Juan Guillermo Cuadrado, Marcus Thuram and Nicolo Barella raised the level and that’s when the winning penalty arrived.

Ángel Di María tried to restore the advantage for Benfica with a shot from a corner, but goalkeeper Audero, who replaced Sommer, made a good save.

The nightmare continues with the dismissal of Antonio Silva, which complicates everything for Benfica, who are eliminated and it seems that they will not win this edition of the Champions League after 4 losses and a draw. While Inter has a pass in the Eighth.