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Sunset Sale Season 4 Proves That Sometimes The Road Is Overrated

This story contains spoilers.

Sunset Sales is back with a fourth season, a few new additions to the Oppenheim Group, and of course, even more drama to be revealed. For some, a new dawn is on the horizon. Heather Rae Young married her boyfriend Tarek El Moussa, recently divorced by Kristell Stauze. However, the sun sets over a certain broken friendship.

The central theme of this season is relationships, both new and old. Before the return of the series, the photo on social media surfaced on Stause and her boss, Jason Oppenheim, are catching flights and the senses. Now two confirmed couplebut fans will have to wait until season 5 before this relationship is addressed in the series.

This season will kick off in anticipation of Christine Quinn, who was briefly out of line on maternity leave, and the Oppenheim brothers looking for multiple replacements to raise the weakness in the office. Oppenheim enlists the help of a former soap opera star Vanessa Villela as well as repatriate Emma Hernan, who previously worked with the Group and who Quinn claims to have dated her ex-boyfriend at the same time as her.

In addition to the huge houses, the focus of the fourth season of Sunset Sale is the friendship break between Mary Fitzgerald and Quinn. Five years later, their relationship began to decline. In season three, Fitzgerald and Quinn had a falling out, but Fitzgerald thought they got it over with. (She later found out about Quinn’s pregnancy through social media, like some kind of plebeian.) From their communication this season, it becomes clear that sometimes the long road turns out to be in vain.

With agent Christine Quinn on maternity leave, the Oppenheim brothers discover a new face: Vanessa Villela.


During lunch with Villela in Episode 2, Quinn claims that he and Fitzgerald were “really, very, very close,” until Stus joined the brokerage company, changing the dynamics. Speaking of his loyalty, Quinn says that Fitzgerald has become close to Hernan. Despite the breakup for many years, she thought it was appropriate now to express her disappointment, because she “did not know that Mary continued her friendship with Emma after the infidelity was revealed.” (Fitzgerald said Hernan not only did not play a role in her breakup, but Quinn also did not say that their friendship with her hurt her.)

Although Quinn says she lacks the relationship she had with Fitzgerald and admits it will never be the same, she rejects any attempts at courtesy on Fitzgerald’s part. Fitzgerald, who was not invited to Quinn’s baby shower, buys a gift for the newborn and sends his mate with it, but says that Quinn refused to accept it.

Having ended his line of fire, Fitzgerald resigns himself to being a bigger man and is removed from the equation along with Stus and Heather Rae El Moussa, each of whom is plagued by Quinn’s antics. While Maya Vander and Davina Potratz are unharmed by Quinn, every other agent has a spike to carry with her. Quinn, whose treatment of Stus was initially disguised as bullying the new arrivals, never looked very fond of her. Their relationship soured already in the first season, from the moment Stus inquired about the details of Fitzgerald’s engagement (for example, marriage contractwho pays the bill, etc.).

Despite not being invited to Quinn's baby shower, Fitzgerald said she sent her assistant a gift on her behalf, which Quinn refused.
Despite not being invited to Quinn’s baby shower, Fitzgerald said she sent her assistant a gift on her behalf, which Quinn refused.

At the pool party, Quinn called Stus “two-faced” and launched many ad hominem attacks on her. In the second season, Stus shared what quinn hosted an off-season cocktail party called Chrishell’s Two-Faced Tonic. When They Meeting face-to-face for the first time in months, Quinn proposes a lousy attempt at reconciliation, citing flowers she sent Stus, but can’t remember why. (Her father passed away.) As confirmed this season, Stus and Quinn are not friends, and Stus has come to terms with that.

In the second season, when Amanza Smith joins a brokerage company, her friendship with Mary deepens, which Quinn perceives as an attack on their relationship. At Fitzgerald’s wedding, there is a debate about whether two bachelorette parties were organized, the last of which El Moussa and Vander were not invited. When Fitzgerald notices this from afar, Smith is sent to settle the situation. As he leaves, Quinn calls her a midfielder. This season they are surprisingly Watch as if they were corrected.

In the third season, viewers see El Moussa’s violent frustration with Quinn as she makes dubious claims that El Moussa and her husband are calling the paparazzi to cover up their relationship. El Moussa recently broke up with Quinn after several comments she made to the press regarding her relationship, leaving Fitzgerald the last survivor.

Although Heather Rae Young, now El Moussa, was formerly Quinn's girlfriend, their relationship soured after Quinn's comments to the press about Heather and Tarek's relationship.
Although Heather Rae Young, now El Moussa, was formerly Quinn’s girlfriend, their relationship soured after Quinn’s comments to the press about Heather and Tarek’s relationship.

However, this is constantly undermined by the new web of fairy tales that Quinn weaves. Quinn’s friendship not partnership; they are a dictatorship. Quinn defines loyalty as “if I don’t like someone, you don’t like someone,” which is not unheard of, but believes longtime friends should flee to her protection, regardless of whether or not she offended the other side and whether she should atone for it.

In Episode 5, Quinn accidentally appears at Fitzgerald and Oppenheim’s birthday party for his dogs Niko and Zelda. Instead of chewing on Quinn, Fitzgerald runs out of the house and asks Oppenheim about why he invited her. Quinn makes a scene, pulling Hernan aside to discuss everything.

During the conversation, Hernan states that they did not have a timeline overlap, while Quinn embellishes the narrative by adding that the ex-boyfriend and she were connected and engaged. Conveniently, the only person she mentioned was Potratz, who had not yet returned to the brokerage office.

In Episode 9, Quinn visits the first open House with group. Potraz summarizes the agents’ discussion about Hernan’s version of the story and tells Quinn what she told the agents that she didn’t know Quinn back then. Quinn is immediately offended and says, “You shouldn’t even have said this because it’s a confession,” and questions her so-called loyalty.

“I will hold you accountable for what you do to people I care about, like Emma,” Fitzgerald says.
“I will hold you accountable for what you do to people I care about, like Emma,” Fitzgerald says. “You can’t just lie about things and say something, expecting it to be true.”

After being shot, Fitzgerald decides to fight Quinn. In Episode 10, aptly titled “One Last Hail Mary,” Fitzgerald pours out his heart to Quinn, emphasizing that every woman in the office is unhappy with her, and pushing away the series of events that Quinn believes have happened.

“I will hold you accountable for what you do to people I care about, like Emma,” Fitzgerald says. “You can’t just keep lying about things and saying things, expecting it to be true.”

Quinn refuses to admit any wrongdoing on her part and leaves.

Selling Sunset Season 4 demonstrates that friendship isn’t just about stubborn loyalty, it’s about having people in your corner who will scream at you when you do wrong and actively push you to become better. However, only you can consider yourself responsible – and no amount of Fitzgerald’s good-natured attempts to expand the olive branch could save this relationship.

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