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“Super Alito” drenches the PRI and smells like a pig, and doesn’t collapse. Neither Beltron nor Moreira

The future of the PRI rests in the hands of Alejandro Moreno Cárdenas, a leader who faces corruption charges like Humberto Moreira, who has lost 12 governorships—nearly twice as many as Manlio Fabio Beltrón—to resign—and who questions also deals with. About his ability to lead the tricolor in the 2023 and 2024 elections within the party.

Mexico City, June 18 (However). – The siege has been tightened Alejandro Moreno Cardenas, National leader of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (Feather) faces allegations of alleged irregularities during his government in Campeche as well as within the Tricolor Party, where former leaders have questioned his leadership as president. national executive committee (CEN).

“Alito” pressures in the past have cost other members of the party the PRI’s leadership. For example, allegations of corruption led to his resignation almost 11 years ago. Humberto Moreira, The defeat of seven states in an election in 2016 led to the resignation of Manlio Fabio Beltrones, and due to misconduct due to the process of the President, in 2018, Enrique Ochoa Reza Leave the presidency of the PRI.

In his two years at the helm of the tricolor, Moreno Cárdenas has carried each of these positions on his back, but he is sticking to the position. He has downplayed allegations of alleged corruption. He has left the tricolor with three kingdoms in his power, despite the fact that when he took over the leadership, he once had 12 units in his domain in a “great match”. It is the third political force in the Congress. And above all he has placed the future of the party in the hands of the Pan who was born to confront him.

&Quot;Super Alito&Quot; Drenches The Pri And Smells Like A Pig, And Doesn'T Collapse. Neither Beltron Nor Moreira
Alejandro Moreno Cárdenas has said he will fulfill his mandate against the PRI. Photo: Moisés Pablo, Cuartocuro

In December 2011, a PRI president had to resign due to allegations of corruption. The party at the time was on the verge of returning to the presidency of the republic and national leader Humberto Moreira himself recognized the tricolor and the burden it represented for its purposes:

“Today I have come to share with you that I submit my resignation as the President of the National Executive Committee of the party. I submit this because the most important thing that our PRI members have is our institution and our political institution, because I am not going to allow a media war to try to harm my party, which has given me Gave so many opportunities. A message for terrorism.

Moreira was accused of being indebted to the state of Coahuila for more than 35 billion pesos. An irregularity which led to the Institutional Revolutionary after him in 272 days and which led to his resignation on 2 December 2011.

&Quot;Super Alito&Quot; Drenches The Pri And Smells Like A Pig, And Doesn'T Collapse. Neither Beltron Nor Moreira
Humberto Moreira was the leader of the PRI in 2011. Photo: Moises Pablo, Cuartoscuro

The PRI leader then succumbed to claims that he was asked to explain the indebtedness he incurred during his administration as governor of Coahuila and above all not to taint Enrique Pea Nieto’s campaign for the Presidency. which at that time meant a return. Tricolor in power after 12 years of PAN governments.

Moreira’s departure is one of those aspects of the coin that presided over PRIs in the past: staying away from scams and delivering good results. In his case, he violated the first point; In the second, in terms of numbers, the plans of other PRI members are cut short, as happened with Manlio Fabio Beltrón, a member of the Old Guard Party, one of the bishops of Pea Nieto in the Pact for Mexico, Sonora. Governor, Deputy, Senator. Distributing bad accounts didn’t make a difference.

“Voters gave wrong policies and a message to politicians who spent more because they did not have transparent conduct. Given the acceptance of society, it is time for Luis Donaldo Colosio to explain ‘what governments do, their parties are angry,’ part of the ‘Beltrones’ message was on June 21, 2016 when he left the leadership was.

&Quot;Super Alito&Quot; Drenches The Pri And Smells Like A Pig, And Doesn'T Collapse. Neither Beltron Nor Moreira
Manlio Fabio Beltrones, former leader of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI). Photo: Moisés Pablo, Cuartocuro

On 5 June that year, the PRI staked seven of the 12 governorships, four of them not knowing another government that was not from this party: Durango, Quintana Roo, Veracruz and Tamaulipas. The other three entities were Aguascalientes, Chihuahuas and Pueblas. Of all these, only one has returned to his control, Durango, and it happened with the support of Pan, who outright defeated PRI in 2016.

“Life and politics impose challenges that are not always in one’s hands to solve, but we must approach the consequences responsibly. For this reason, in accordance with my service commitment, which I assumed when I took office, Today I present my resignation before this Permanent Political Commission,” Beltrons said.

Manlio Fabio’s case is not alone. In 2018, Enrique Ochoa Reza left a questionable leadership, questioning his role as leader of the tricolor, weeks before the 2018 election, in which the presidency was renewed, something in the history of the tricolor. Unprecedented.

&Quot;Super Alito&Quot; Drenches The Pri And Smells Like A Pig, And Doesn'T Collapse. Neither Beltron Nor Moreira
Enrique Ochoa Reza, former national president of the Institutional Revolutionary Party. Photo: Diego Simone Sanchez, Cuartoscoro

Ochoa Reza was criticized for the mismanagement he had given for the candidacy of José Antonio Meade Curibrena, who weeks later gave the party the worst result in its history in the presidential election, and for the PRI’s electoral project in general. Win any of the nine states in contention that was not that year.

On that occasion, the PRI changed direction a few weeks before the elections and handed over the leadership to an experienced PRI member, René Juárez Cisneros, who could do nothing against the tide of the piece by Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

The future of the PRI now rests in the hands of Alejandro Moreno Cárdenas, a leader who faces charges similar to that of Moreira, who has lost 12 governorships – almost twice as many that led Beltrón to resign – and who is his leader within the party. Also faces questions about capability. to lead a once “great match” to the 2023 election, in which it will put its last two strongholds on the table: Coahuila and the state of Mexico; And especially in the face of the 2024 presidential election, for which there is no tricolor candidate in sight.

&Quot;Super Alito&Quot; Drenches The Pri And Smells Like A Pig, And Doesn'T Collapse. Neither Beltron Nor Moreira
Moreno Cardenas’ management as head of PRI has been widely questioned. Photo: Graciela Lopez, Cuartoscoro

At the hands of “Alito”, the PRI has lost 10 governorships between 2021 and 2022, in the same period it has won only one of the 21 gubernatorial elections, and has been reduced to the first in its history of nearly a hundred years: It governs only three states, two of which will be renewed in 2023.

Despite this, since militancy has called for his resignation, a vision was made for him last week by former Tricolor leaders, he plans to end his term in August next year:

“We were elected for a term of four years, no president of the republic appointed me.”

Hours after a meeting with former PRI leaders, a new audio was released from Moreno by Campeche Governor Leda Sansoures, in which she purportedly agrees to trade with drugs with a deputy, recording a Which was added to others in which he has been accused of alleged fraud with the land.

&Quot;Super Alito&Quot; Drenches The Pri And Smells Like A Pig, And Doesn'T Collapse. Neither Beltron Nor Moreira
Alejandro Moreno at the end of a meeting with former PRI presidents. Photo: Panchayati Raj

Moreno Cardenas has denied the allegations, which have been magnified with the publication of a report in Mexican Against Corruption and Immunity, an organization founded by Claudio X. Va Por Mexico architect González Guajardo, in which he has been accused of triangulating resources. purchase of properties.

In this context, Campeche is also investigated by the Prosecutor’s Office for illegal enrichment, tax fraud, money laundering, abuse of authority, embezzlement and improper use of powers and powers, as published. remodeling,

With all this, Alito has shown himself to be determined to remain before the PRI, and from there to condemn the alleged harassment against him.

&Quot;Super Alito&Quot; Drenches The Pri And Smells Like A Pig, And Doesn'T Collapse. Neither Beltron Nor Moreira

obed rosaso

He has a degree in Communications and Journalism from UNAM’s FES Aragon. He also studied Hispanic language and literature at the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters.

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