Super Bowl LVIII: Kelce's passion, Mahomes' talent

Super Bowl LVIII: Kelce's passion, Mahomes' talent

LAS VEGAS – The match was still very young when photos of Travis Kelce’s frustration were already circulating around the planet. But it was also the internal fire that pushed Kelce and the Kansas City Chiefs to another spectacular Super Bowl victory.

Because Kelce ultimately finished the game with 93 yards after a more timid start, including several yards when it mattered a lot.

Because Kelce inspired his team at the half as the San Francisco 49ers took a 13–3 lead.

Because Kelce gave a particularly fiery speech as the match approached. A speech befitting his personality that stuck in the minds of his teammates when it became difficult to win a second consecutive championship.

“It was very powerful! We felt all his energy and passion, it came straight from the heart. They wanted us to play like Chiefs. It doesn’t matter what people or experts say. It was about us, we had to dominate and play. He brought that energy to the half as well,” said safety Justin Reed, who finished second on his team with nine tackles.

“The coaches asked us to share what we were thinking. I wanted to express my full passion for this team. That we have the formula to win and fight till the end. That’s what this game proved,” Kelce explained.

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Patrick Mahomes made sure to remember this magical formula for the Chiefs.

“I hope people will remember not only our great achievements on the field, but also the way we work. We have fun every day! It’s not always pretty or perfect, but we fight to the end,” Mahomes stressed.

So well, the tight end made such flights because he knew his team had the elements to become the first team in 20 years to enjoy two consecutive championships, despite regular season troubles.

“Everything we have endured this season, the things we have had to overcome and to see the players react so beautifully in big moments. People who put their statistics aside and invest with their heart and soul, day after day. It’s very special, I’ll remember it for the rest of my life,” Kelce testified, surrounded by dozens of reporters.

When he talks about stats, don’t think Kelce expressed his displeasure toward Andy Reid because he wanted to finish the Super Bowl catching that many passes.

“I didn’t care about my numbers, I wanted the score to be different! “, he said, praising Reed’s psychological side.

“I have the best coach who played in the NFL. Not only for preparing us, but he is one of the best leaders. He helped me a lot in channelizing my emotions and my passion. I owe him my whole career, I love him,” Kelce said.

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At halftime, No. 87 wanted to turn the tide at Allegiant Stadium where the crowd was leaning more toward the Niners.

“I wanted to be accountable to the people around me and to Coach Reid. I wanted my team to be able to rely on me when things got hot, when space was tight. I live for those big moments and love Coach Reid for giving me those opportunities,” Kelce said with tears in his eyes.

In the last days he was not afraid to say that the second consecutive championship inspired him to the highest level. For him it was the anointing of great teams. So, does he now see the Chiefs as a dynasty?

“I don’t care what people say, I know we have won two titles in a row and I have won three titles. No matter what you say to describe us, I know there’s something very special about our team,” Kelce chose to respond.

For all those who want to reignite the debate over the best ending in history, Kelce still wanted the discussion to happen on a collective level.

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“Most of all, I know we have the best team. Despite all the individual accolades, I wouldn’t say we don’t care because I want to be one of the best, but I especially love showing up to this locker room every day. “I’m getting into the final stages of my career, so I cherish every moment and I want to fight for them every time I go out on the field,” Kelce testified.

Collectively speaking, they were happy to serve as bait on the game-winning touchdown.

“As soon as I saw the guys coming my way, I thought Mecole (Hardman) was free, it was a great feeling to know it was going to work out and I kind of helped my team,” Kelce said.

Undoubtedly, we felt the fatigue and emotion in the formidable position of No. 87. In the interview room, many teammates expressed their love for Kelce, whether it was Chris Jones or Trey Smith. The latter had a big smile on his face after this second victory.

“I’m so tired! But I thought about the whole year and the playoffs, we had to get the job done in style despite the tremendous pressure. We had to give Mahomes a chance, he was going to play,” Smith rightly concluded. Took it out.


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