Super Bowl: The Taylor Swift Effect

Super Bowl: The Taylor Swift Effect

A trio of health and beauty brands are buying expensive commercial time for CBS Sports’ coverage of Super Bowl LVIII. Two of them are new to the big game, the third is returning from a long hiatus, and even more brands may enter before February 11, as their plans may seem like a surprise to some advertisers.

Although those additions cannot be directly linked to tight end Taylor Swift’s relationship with the Chiefs, travis kels Or with the NFL and its impact on its female audience, each ad is targeted to female consumers or prominently features women:

NYX Professional Makeup D loreal The Super Bowl will kick off with a new 30-second ad celebrating the “power of women” in the traditionally male-dominated football industry.

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Dove Will advertise in the Big Game for the first time in 18 years. According to the personal care brand, the new #KeepHerConfident ad will promote body confidence in girls so that they can continue playing their favorite sports.

Some industry experts believe the connection to Swift is undeniable. It has become a swift world. Honestly, I think they (advertisers) have the best bridge with women of all ages and the men who shop with them.

It is difficult to determine whether advertisers purchased their commercial time before or after the romance became public in October (or after the Chiefs won the AFC Championship Game). But that’s because Swift has made some impact in getting advertisers to spend nearly $7 million for 30 seconds.

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However CBS has stated that its Super Bowl commercial list Practically sold out since November, Smart chains always have some space available to sell at a higher price.

Some beauty advertisers placed an entire bet on the Kelce Chiefs reaching their fourth Super Bowl in the last five seasons, it’s just that some smart people said, ‘You know what? Let’s take some time to advertise. Anyway, it’s a huge audience. And if Kansas City gets there, we’ll be golden.

Super Bowl Sunday is the only day when it is guaranteed that viewers will watch advertisements, and the game annually generates the largest television audience of the year: last February, a record 115.1 million viewers watched the Super Bowl broadcast From Fox Sports.

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