Super Detective in Hollywood: Axel F. already has a release date on Netflix


Eddie Murphy will return to Los Angeles as the irrepressible Axel Foley for a new mission, 30 years after his last mission.

Netflix has plenty of them in the bedroom Original films and series For 2024, but one of the ones that attracts fans the most Super Spies and Hollywood: Axel F. The fourth installment in Eddie Murphy’s prolific buddy film saga.

mark molloy Will take control of direction in this new film which will symbolize the return of undisciplined people axel foley To sunny California, where he’ll be ready to turn the police department around again.

Judge Reinhold, John Ashton and Bronson Pinchot There are some familiar faces we’ll see Super Spies and Hollywood: Axel F.As they resume their roles Billy Rosewood, John Taggart and Serge Respectively.

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Furthermore, they complete the main cast Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Taylor Page, James Preston Rogers, Kevin Bacon, Paul Reiser and Giovanni Cruz among others.

Axel Foley will turn Netflix upside down this summer

At Netflix they were very clear in which window of the year they wanted to release Super Spies and Hollywood: Axel F. in its catalogue, and the film already has an official release date on the platform.

This will happen 3rd July When? Eddie Murphy Axel Foley’s tendency to get into trouble with both his enemies and allies has dazzled us again.

Netflix film will be released exactly after a month Superdetective in Hollywood III It has been 30 years since its debut in American theaters, although it would not arrive in Spain until August 1994.

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30 years may seem like a long time since Axel Foley’s last mission in sunny California, but Eddie Murphy is ready to prove that there are things that don’t change in three decades, like the effectiveness of a good banana in the exhaust pipe. The car or its resistance to passing through glass.

Memorization, Super Spies and Hollywood: Axel F. Next will be on Netflix on July 3, 2024, We’ll be wary if the movie previews in theaters before reaching streaming.


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