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Sustainability in risk?: Laws, investors and customers underline corporate’s ‘green’ commitment

has become a fixture in recent years In another department of large corporations To respond to the demand of a society that is increasingly committed to the fight against the climate emergency.

Citizen awareness is changing in the face of progress of effects of climate change and scientific evidence that urges the development of a new productive and economic model that is more respectful to the planet.

Regulatory frameworks such as the 2030 Agenda remind us that the countdown is on. new generation technology Protected by the digital transformation that is stepping on the accelerator with the pandemic, they become first-class allies to bolster the profound structural change facing society.

implementation of sustainability It is not homogeneous by region or type of company -SMEs are, once again, the weakest link in the chain – but the lead actors agree that the time for permanent currency and green washing it’s all over

D+I talks with emerging companies that are building on this new concept of sustainability to assess the current scenario and how factors like crisis have arisen War in Ukraine, lack of supplies and rising energy prices.

must be found in the bend European law that increases the degree of responsibility of the company In environmental matters and in this case the demands of investors and final consumers in equal or even greater proportion.

“Investors are going to ask you for a report on your environmental impact. If you want to use capital it is already a reality, so your interests CorporatesEven more so in this current situation”.

this is how it is pronounced Fran Benedito, CEO and Co-Founder of Climate TradeOne of the reference companies that allows to offset the carbon footprint generated by large corporations blockchain With the aim of directing its economic activities towards a low carbon model. Banco Sabadell and Banco Santander, Correos, Iberia, Acciona and Cabify are some of its clients.

Fran Benedito is the co-founder and CEO of Climate Trade.

Fran Benedito is the co-founder and CEO of Climate Trade.

The benefits of tech projects like yours are not only aimed at complying with current regulations, but making it easier for corporations to clearly know Where does your money go and what projects is it used for,

“The important thing is that companies, thanks to proposals like ours, know where their money is going to meet their environmental obligations. It was difficult before, now We Provide Transparency“, Ened Benedito.

2022 break on investment

it should be remembered that There is a readjustment of investment in this 2022 Which is especially noticeable in the second quarter of the year. A study by Crunchbase shows that investment in startups dropped sharply in February and this trend may continue throughout the year.

The consumer also claims its place in this rediscovery of the concept of sustainability. knower of Power conferred by your purchasing decisionThere is a growing demand to know the traceability of the products it procures and the carbon footprint generated by them.

This movement is clearly seen in the food sector, where there is innovation in the sector. food Tech is on the way getting vegetable protein Substitute for products of animal origin.

In parallel, customers in other types of economic activity from fashion to the automotive industry demand to know what are the environmental impacts arising from their activity. The process proceeds slowly, but without stopping.

Talent demands stability

On the other hand, Talent has also maintained at the center of the equation. At a time when companies around the world lack highly qualified profiles to carry out their technical projects and their internal digital transformation processes, a ‘green’ commitment tops the list of requirements for these eminent professionals.

“The new generation is demanding that corporations hold themselves to a level of social and environmental responsibility in order to attract talent. They want to identify with those company values,” he tells D+I. Diego Sainz, co-founder and CEO of Reforestum.

Diego Sanz, CEO and co-founder of startup ReForestum.

Diego Sanz, CEO and co-founder of startup ReForestum.

deforestation It is a next generation forestry platform that enables companies and individuals to contribute to global carbon neutrality by supporting forestry projects and the development of local carbon sinks.

The startup launched the Spanish fashion firm Balenciaga. has partnered with To offset the carbon footprint of your e-commerce. Through the Spanish platform, Balenciaga will sponsor three forestry projects in South America, Asia and Europe. The latter will take place in Castilla y León, specifically in Fresno del Río (Palencia), where 32 hectares will be deforested.

impact of crisis

At this point, with the current economic uncertainties as a backdrop, what will be the evolution of the new concept of sustainability in the company? The answer is not simple, but from the field they insist that any effect—which will be— This would mean no return to the starting point,

“This crisis is the result of many factors, it could have been treated in another way, but we already have. I think, in this context, stability is going to run parallel to the other path to distress”, claims Benedito.

However, not all companies have the same tools to maintain their ‘commitment’ to sustainability. SMEs, Coming Later Large corporates continue to face difficulties to reap the benefits of this technological revolution, to the process of digital transformation.

ClimateTrade co-founder insists SMEs have the potential to contribute too improve its stability according to its potential,

“You still don’t have the resources to offset your carbon footprint, but you can go for installing solar panels, in your case electricians, to renew the vehicle fleet with new and less polluting models. for … you can always take small steps in this sense”, he turns away.

delete personal footprint

Compensation for carbon footprint isn’t just a business thing. every day more, Committed to Climate Change They seek formulas to compensate for their environmental impact on an individual basis.

Technology already provides them with initiatives like One Bank, a fingerprint removal service A zero-cost carbon company that acts as a personal tree bank for its customers.

Explanatory graphic on the operation of One Bank technology.

Explanatory graphic on the operation of One Bank technology.

At the same time, it proposes a strategy to reduce the footprint of its customers and a plan to offset all emissions. will not be reduced for the next 40 years.

“We are not a financial product, we do not provide profit. With the sale of carbon credits Our users recover their initial contribution And they multiply its effect manifold, because the rest of the money will be reinvested in continuing. All at zero final cost. This is a business model in which the increase in bonus is used to plant more trees. Everyone wins, especially the planet,” he explains to One Bank.

However, in these types of initiatives aimed at individuals, the generation gap – and the purchasing power associated with each age group – is noticeable. they are the most senior profilesAbove 30-35 years old, that is they mainly request this type of environmental services, as explained by the startup.

Social awareness is present at a young age, but the purchasing power of a good portion of these potential customers does not yet allow them to offset their personal carbon footprint through this disruption.

“What is not measured does not improve”

In any case, a new technology is entering the economy to help solve the climate emergency. The process of re-establishing the concept of sustainability is unstoppable.

“What is not measured cannot be corrected,” he says in this regard. Pepe Paris, General Manager of Angels, Juan Rogue’s investment company is well aware of the potential for this permanent disruption. In fact, one of its latest investors, Dcycle, has developed an artificial intelligence tool capable of measuring and reducing companies’ carbon footprints.

Co-founder of Dcycle.  From left to right: Jacobo Umbert, Juanjo Mestre and Luis Escamez.

Co-founder of Dcycle. From left to right: Jacobo Umbert, Juanjo Mestre and Luis Escamez.

Apart from the platform, Dcycle has a Market Which offers its customers—fashion, services, health, etc.—third-party products that help them reduce the companies’ environmental impact.

“The Dcycle team has proven to be able to bring the measurement of environmental impact to any Small and Medium Business in an easy, attractive and sustainable way“, Pepe Paris insists.

The demand for this type of technical service to offset the carbon footprint of companies and individuals has just begun and is a strong one in the future. Land search across the planet to develop projects. But this is another exciting story.

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