SVPs are rarely invited to August 1 celebrations

SVPs are rarely invited to August 1 celebrations

1st August motto of SVP

party friends

It is important for the SVP president, but also for the federal councilor of the Swiss People’s Party, to show his face on a national holiday. If you don’t have the opportunity, you help each other among friends.

SVP members are not particularly popular this year. Federal Counselor Guy Parmelin, 62, will appear at the Aug. 1 brunch in the Obergoms in the morning. Then it travels from Wallace to Ticino, where he speaks at Sesa in the evening.

Thus the Minister of Economics is attending the house of SVP National Councilor Piero Marchesi (40). Later, Marchesi is also allowed to say something there – after all, she is Teresa T.I.’s mayor, to which Sessa belongs. Marchesi, who founded a trust and consulting company with party leader Marco Chiesa (47), enabled Parmelin to appear in southern Switzerland.