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Sunday, March 7, 2021

Swara Bhaskar calling 4-year-old child Chu # $ *

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The Indian government’s intervention in foreign propaganda has undermined the expectations of left-liberals. He is now furious at the nationalists by stinging. As soon as the government issued a warning against foreign interference, many other people of the country got courage. As a result, he too came forward and condemned the entire hypocrisy. This resentment of him was completely peaceful and constitutional. But this was not tolerated by some other ‘Indians’.

Swara Bhaskar, a full-time troll who once worked as an actress in Bollywood, had a similar situation. He condemned the incidents of burning effigies of singer Rihanna, Protester Greta and former porn star Mia Khalifa. Greta then tried to silence those opposing her by citing her age.

According to Swara, Greta is only 18 years old and does not give rights to people to burn her effigy.

Keep in mind that it is the same Swara Bhaskar who called a child artiste Chu # &% in the episode of YouTube comedy show ‘SON OF ABISH’. Swara had told that in her ad shoot she met a 4-year-old child artiste who called her aunt and listening to her she called the child Chu * & ^. In the show, Swara compared the children to Satan and the show’s host agreed.

Apart from this, Swara had also raised a lot of voice for Alt News co-founder Mohammad Zubair, who is doing the children’s dox. Last year, Zubair was accused by Twitter user Jagdish Singh of highlighting a photo with his granddaughter, who were being threatened with radical rape. In such a situation, Swara supported Zubair instead of condemning him.

Like Swara, many other Liberal Twitter users were also seen running propaganda on Greta’s age. Journalist Rohini Singh also highlighted Greta’s age and cursed the government machinery.

NDTV anchor Vishnu Som has also highlighted Delhi Police’s FIR by telling Greta to be 18 years old and tried to arouse condolences for him.

How can Dhruv Rathi and leftist lawyer Prashant Bhushan be left behind?

Let me tell you that today all these Liberals are just lying because the country has shown solidarity against the foreign conspiracy. These are the same people who cried at the age of Greta, who targeted a 16-year-old girl as she challenged an open debate on JNU’s anti-India propagandist Kanhaiya Kumar.

If you remember, in the year 2016, Jahnavi openly debuted Kanhaiya Kumar of JNU Was defied. At that time Kanhaiya accused the PM. Jahnavi was trolled badly after this.

Seeing all this, it is known that Swara, like Greta, has nothing to do with the age of child Protesters until it fits on their agenda. Today, when Indians are condemning him because he openly supported those who create the atmosphere against India, then this gang is trying to smuggle by giving examples of his age.

Surprisingly, this entire gang seems to be the only factor at an age due to which Greta should not be criticized. He has forgotten that Greta shared the toolkit that recently exposed the foreign conspiracy.

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