Sylvester Stallone had to change his diet after 'Rocky III' due to brain damage

Sylvester Stallone had to change his diet after 'Rocky III' due to brain damage

To Sus 77 To, Sylvester Stallone He is a legend of action cinema and undoubtedly remains a reference. As the years go by, far from losing physical shape, the actor continues to have an attractive appearance, the result of his work in the gym and a diet tailored to his needs. However, He did not always have control over his diet. And a time came when he had to face the consequences.

In the ’80s, Stallone was on the crest of the wave Two successful installments of ‘Rocky’ And were about to release the third one, which was released in 1982. However, for the film he had to undergo a procedure that resulted in major brain injuries due to a strict and surprising diet.

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Sylvester Stallone Had To Change His Diet After 'Rocky Iii' Due To Brain Damage

Reason why Stallone risked his health

In an interview for the Wall Street Journal, the actor revealed what some of his dangerous habits were: “I used to drink some alcohol. 25 cups of coffee a day When they made ‘Rocky III’. my entire breakfast will be covered two small oatmeal cookies Made with brown rice and 10 cups of coffee because I wanted to keep my body fat 2.8%,

Although he achieved his goal and lost 13 kg, it caused him some problems, especially with his memory. “I was even forgetting my phone number. I was just eating tuna. my memory activated, disappeared completely. I was suffering in every way debilitating physical effects, But it was for the cause,” he explains.

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Over time, Stallone has always been one of the actors with the most toned and muscular body in action movies. But due to those problems he had to give up that diet after ‘Rocky III’ Maintained a healthy and balanced diet The different shoots that I had to deal with, I don’t want to go through them again.


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