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Symptoms That May Reveal You Are Suffering From Epileptic Seizures

More than 20,000 new cases are diagnosed each year in Spain.And it is one of the most common chronic neurological disorders, although for the vast majority epilepsy remains an unknown disease, with many stigmas about it still persisting.

is characterized by frequent seizures, which are caused by abnormal activity of the nervous system that occurs sporadically. What gives rise to the most famous symptoms, the famous seizures. may also appear as periods of abnormal behavior and loss of sensations or consciousness,

However, having a seizure does not mean that you have epilepsy. It is estimated that up to 10% of people worldwide will have one during their lifetime. High fever, diabetes, other diseases, stress, alcohol or drug abuse can be the cause. epilepsy It is diagnosed after 2 or more seizures resulting from brain disease.

Although anyone can develop the disease at any point in their life, in most cases It manifests itself in childhood and from the age of 65. Treatment includes medication, surgery, or dietary changes. Drugs are successful in controlling seizures in about 70% of people.

Are there early symptoms that may reveal the disease?

The only symptoms are seizures that appear intermittently and may vary depending on the area of ​​the brain affected.

Although more than 30 types have been described, they are broadly divided into 2 categories: focal epilepsyin which discharge begins in a specific area that may spread to the rest of the cerebral cortex and On Large scaleWhen the entire surface of the brain is affected.

Thus, seizures can range from very brief episodes of absence or muscle contraction to prolonged and severe ones. As described by the World Health Organization loss of consciousness or consciousness, agitation, changes in the senses or mood and other cognitive functions are also temporary symptoms.

During the so-called absence seizure, more often in children, there is a temporary loss of consciousness while it keeps its gaze fixed on a specific point. In adolescence, seizures characterized by sudden and very rapid jerking of the extremities are common, “which may be confused with clumsiness in the hands”, they explain to the community. living with epilepsy,

Seizures: Types, Causes, and What to Do If You See Someone Having a Seizure

What causes epilepsy?

from one brain cancer for an infectioncan be caused by epilepsy Various conditions affecting the brain, Although in half of people who suffer from it, the origin cannot be identified, explains the Mayo Clinic.

Known causes include:

  • Cerebrovascular accidents.
  • brain tumors.
  • Brain infection.
  • Traumatic brain injuries or other head injuries.
  • Lack of oxygen to the brain (for example, during birth).
  • Some genetic disorders.
  • Other neurological diseases (such as Alzheimer’s disease).

Once the disease is diagnosed by a medical specialist, treatment can improve people’s quality of life. The usual thing is to resort to antiepileptic drugs, which restore the chemical balance of neurons, softening abnormal electrical discharges. they usually get Controls seizures in about 70% of patients.

For those who do not respond to treatment, you may choose to combine several drugs. In some cases, surgery may be used, mainly when the focus of the seizure comes from a concentrated area of ​​the brain.

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