Tarsis Loyza Royce, the dentist who makes Colombia proud in the world

Tarsis Loyza Royce, the dentist who makes Colombia proud in the world.

In Cartagena de Indias, right in the Bocagrande sector, you can find the first leading spa-type dental clinic: Sonrisa Perfecta Dental, directed by Dr. Tarsis Loyza Royce, a distinguished magister dentist, who was awarded the Recognition of Special Distinction Is. Europe, America and Latin America.

He started his studies at the University of Cartagena and further studied at the Spanish University of Cardenal Herrera and did his post graduation. It is worth highlighting the master’s degree in implantology and oral surgery, as well as the master’s degree in aesthetic medicine.

One of the most important achievements in Dr. Tarsis Loyza Royce’s career includes the registration of her brand “Sonarissa Renaissance Hollywood”.

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The word “Hollywood” is highlighted in its trademark as it connotes legends, glamour, perfection, fashion and success and this is perceived in the experience experienced by each and every patient who visits Perfect Smile Clinic’s facilities. Dental, where apart from finding the highest technology for each and every procedure to be performed, has a highly qualified work force, who are committed to providing their experience and convenience of stay in the city to the patients who visit the clinic from different parts of the country and abroad. ready for.

Dr. Tarsis Loyza Royce’s success has transcended country barriers, earning herself a place among the top 100 doctors in the world and the IDB Hall of Fame, a very privileged position for Colombia.

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Services Provided:

Nose bioplasty

Plastic and dental aesthetics

oral implantology

laser bichectomy

smile design

laser teeth whitening


oral rehabilitation

· Laser

robotic dentistry

High dental aesthetics

· among others.


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