Tata Nexon’s ESP saves bikers from major accidents

Road safety is fast becoming a topic of discussion in India. Some manufacturers are introducing safer cars to improve road safety. The Tata Nexon is one car that has proved its worth time and time again. Today we have a video in which the Tata Nexon has shown great stability at high speeds and eventually helped the bikers avoid a major accident that could have been fatal. In today’s article we will talk about how Tata Nexon ESP saved bikers.

Tata Nexon ESP – What was the incident?

Tata Nexon ESP

The incident took place on Kharagpur Highway in West Bengal. It was shared by Arun Mohanty on Nikhil Rana’s YouTube channel. So what was the incident? In the video, we can see a Tata Nexon running close to 100kmph. And suddenly, we see two men on a Splendor appearing out of nowhere. Thankfully, the Nexon’s driver, Arun, manages to handle the situation swiftly, cutting to the right on the shoulder of the road. The Nexon shows a good amount of stability even at 98kmph.

Nexon Active Safety Features

Tata Nexon ESP

The stability of the Nexon can be attributed to its proactive security features. It comes with active safety features like Electronic Stability Control, ABS with EBD, Roll-over Mitigation, Emergency Brake Assist, Hill-Hold Control, Brake Disc Wiping and Emergency Brake Assist. All these features help in controlling the Nexon in every way.

Tata Nexon Safety Score

Tata Nexon ESP

The Nexon comes with a number of passive safety features in case of an accident. The Nexon was one of the first cars in India to receive a 5-star crash testing rating from GNCAP. It has proved its importance in many accidents. It also comes with other safety features like dual airbags and ISOFIX mounts.

Importance of Dashcam

Tata Nexon ESP

A dashcam is a must have aftermarket accessory in India. Most of the people in India think that the big vehicle is at fault in the accident. In the case mentioned above also, a dashcam has helped in proving the innocence of the Nexon driver. So in case of an accident a dashcam can help in proving your innocence in court.

This was our take on how Tata Nexon’s ESP saved bikers. If you have any doubts about buying a car, click here to ask! Get the lowest prices for car insurance here. For more content like this, MotorOctane Youtube, Google News Facebook, and . subscribe to Twitter, Also, follow us on Flipboard and Reddit where we have a discussion community.


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