Tata’s new car has come to reign in people’s hearts, you will get all the great features with great design

Ending the wait, Tata Motors today unveiled their new car in India. This car is called Tata Curv, and it is an electric SUV. The company will later offer Tata Curvv electric SUVs in petrol and diesel engine options.

Tata Motors, however, did not elaborate on the new curve. But this car is based on Tata’s newly upgraded X1 platform. The new car is expected to be 4.3 meters long and will come with a long wheelbase.

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What will be the range?

Tata Motors did not share any details about the price and range of the new car. However, the company expects the certified range of the Curvv EV SUV to be 400-500km. Tata Curvv will come with a completely new design. The company claims that new designs like the Tata Curvv will be seen in future Tata SUV models. After launching on petrol and diesel, it will compete with Hyundai Creta, Kia Seltos.

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When to start

Tata Curvv could launch in 2024. Tata Motors has revealed that Tata Curvv will be on top of mid-size SUVs and below the premium SUV segment. The company planned to introduce Curvv in India at the Auto Expo in February. But the expo was postponed because of Kovid. Which will now be held in January 2023.


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