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Tatum’s Ordeal Until He Became a Potential MVP: “I Broke Down in Tears”

To be the best, or one of them, you always have to endure Pain, Present the hard and persistent memory of defeat, mourn the loss of a title when you have seen victory pass you by so close. A jason tatumJust days after crying out in the NBA Finals loss against the Warriors, he was sidelined with a shocking and unfortunate memory of a two-shot shot that didn’t even touch the rim in the final quarter. game 5, Which meant a victory for those from Bahia in the finals, with a 3–2 series. And they invited him to sway in pain, reproduction of the play over and over again at home, It’s impossible to rid yourself of that pair of self-absorbed, glorious moments from the past that are still embedded in the present.

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Broken inside, he didn’t say anything, but he didn’t leave the house, didn’t pick up his cell phone, and couldn’t sleep. She didn’t want to eat or play with her four-year-old son, Deuce. until it breaks on the outside. “Deuce hugged me and told me he was proud of me. My mother hugged me too and then I burst into tears. I felt like I had let everyone down.” In an interview with ESPN The Forward, today the one who most looks for the MVP luka doncic With his 30.6 points, 8 rebounds and 4 assists. “I remember telling my mom how tired I was and how hard it was to judge I felt defeated.” Explain Tatu.

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Earlier, to everyone’s dismay, according to him, it was his own body that let him down, with no option to re-tie the series as the scores were 1-1 and 2-2, 13 points, 3 rebounds and 7 happened with assist but even 5 turnovers with 6/18 shooting from the field 6 in that game. “I thought I’d be rested but I played terribly (though I did score 26 points with 10/20 shooting in Game 5). My legs weren’t there, it was hard for me to breathe. They (warrior), besides Stephen CurryThey were just tough and it was tough to take,” says Jason Tatum.

“The Warriors played tougher than us and it was hard to accept”

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Deuce, at age 4, unwittingly spared his father’s pain, building sandcastles for the two on the beach a few days later. to soothe the pain Cayman Islands, and from there as deep reflection due to the many accolades received during the season and play-offs as a blessed inspiration to begin a deeper process of improvement. An honest plan to get better no matter how much it hurts All the joys of summer Entirely devoted to basketball, including the beach, hours and more hours on the track and gym.

Baths were not in the water of the beach but in the sweat of the track and gym, moments of peace, with everything that was like playing golf in the summer, were no longer between holes but between tedious routines and routines. And every hour of the night, to rest and process the learning of everything, no party Not one of those all-holiday temptations.

Draymond Green comforts Tatum after the final play of the Finals

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“People know how much I love golf, but I haven’t been able to play one in Los Angeles this summer”, says ‘0’. “That has been the focus of his this summer. He was on this plan all day, every day.” Pointing to his faithful coach, Drew Heinlein, with whom he met at 6 a.m. in the gym in high school without giving each other a minute’s rest: instant message if it was 6:01 and no one else showed up. .

And in the midst of it all, Jayson Tatum has permanently given up on the matter, goodbye to palate craze as well. “Only healthy food”, Pointing forward, that said goodbye to fried chicken for on-the-go snacks or fried food after the game. “I need the right portions for the weight I want to play. I’m not a vegetarian or anything like that, but if I have organic eggs for breakfast, I choose the healthier option because the bacon is organic. And I Doesn’t use regular full fat butter. Add up all those little things that can help”, he explains in the interview. ramona shelbourne Tatum.

“Tatum trained every day all summer”

drew heinleinJason Tatum’s personal trainer

One of the people who was interested in this process of going through ‘0’ made his life miserable in the finals. “Draymond Green is very close to me, so we talked for a long time. He didn’t rub it on me or anything, we just talked About finals, life, getting married. He told me something like, “Man, people don’t understand that you get to the finals, you play longer than anybody else and then you lose and you have nothing to celebrate,” 24 Years tell.

Accompanied by his coach, the forward set out to find out why Green and his team had so smothered him in the title game that it reduced him to a mediocre player in the paint, shooting only 34% near the rim. worst record of anyone in the finals last 25 years According to ESPN statistics, at least 50 shots were attempted in the paint. “We realized that his entry angle They weren’t good, which meant I was driving on the screen instead of the rim,” says Hanlein.

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“We break the process down into three steps. The first thing was his posture, we needed to play his hips less and he had more balance, the second thing was to choose the right starting angle and the third thing was to make sure to use that to his advantage,” explains a Tatum coach who also worked to improve his finishing through contact and added floating shot for his repertoire. Tremendous result, that today the Celtics star shoots in the paint with 70% like never before, something that contributes to his high scoring average. from 27 to 30.5 points, as well as shooting from 47% of the field higher than ever before with 21 shots, the highest percentage of his career in relation to his shooting volume. More than enough for him to be in the discussion for MVP.

“Knowing that I’m in the running for MVP is not something I take lightly, it’s something you don’t get used to, sometimes i have to pinch myself Because you think it’s a dream. I feel like a kid when I listen to it,” Tatum said with the deepest sincerity on the Celtics’ visit to Toronto three weeks ago.

“I no longer try to pretend I’m as good as others, last year I did that with Durant, Butler, Giannis…”

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But Tatum, as much as he’s subjected to inevitable comparisons with others as an MVP candidate, knows his best self as he’s being himself and no one else, not caring about anyone else. “I don’t try to prove anymore that I’m as good as anyone else. Last year he tried to show that he was what he was when he played against Kevin Durant, Jimmy Butler, Giannis (Antetokounmpo) or whoever. He was trying to show that he is having a conversation with these people. This year I feel comfortable in my own skin. I know who I am. And I know what I can do”, reflects Jason Tatum, very mature as well as tremendously ambitious.

“My mindset changed after the final. I know what it takes, I know how it feels. Let me get there now that I know what else to do. I know how hard I’ve worked this summer and it feels like I won’t be happy until I go back to the finals and win it this time.” He needs to cry and break down to be the best, and not the least, Toughest Tatum ever. You’ll never feel like you can’t again.

have gone through other trances

The Day a Teenage Tatum Came in Sick to the Celtics

With everything he’s seen and experienced on the bench and in the offices, the Celtics’ president of operations, brad stevens, I Knew Jayson Tatum Was A Different Star Because He Was Made Of Something Different Before Running 2017 draft, Where he was selected No. 3 behind Markelle Fultz and Lonzo Ball. Since then Stevens had already been fascinated by the forward 19 years In training in Boston before lottery night.
“He came over to my house for dinner and he was sick, but he was trying his best to act Like it wasn’t. The next day he worked out and he wasn’t feeling well, but he didn’t even tell me until later,” the executive, also in this ESPN report, is shocked by the way Tatum has been treated. problemWith motivation, the intelligence to know what they have to work on and the faith that they will overcome them.
Stevens, knowing what ‘J’ is like, did nothing more than urge him to have a good rest after the final. Forward took very little time to demonstrate that, so diligent and Responsible He didn’t need anyone’s encouragement or warning anyway. “I never worry about Jayson Tatum getting ready. He’s organized, he works out, he has a plan every day. And although they call him a ‘superstar’ now, or whatever, he He’s the same man he’s always been.” Stevens concluded. If Tatum is differential, it is also largely because his work ethic This is the difference.

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