Taylor Swift and the record she could break at the 2024 Grammys

Taylor Swift and the record she could break at the 2024 Grammys

Taylor Swift is the queen of music and apparently also of the Guinness Awards. Whether it’s starring in the most successful tour in history, raking in millions of dollars at the movie theater box office, stealing sighs with your lover travis kels or becoming Most Nominated Artists She’s always one step ahead of everyone else at the Grammy Awards.

At the age of 34, the artist has become a global phenomenon. And the truth is, there is nothing surprising in this. His talent, passion and immense love for music has taken him this far.

Taylor Swift could make history at the 2024 Grammy Awards

Just days before the 66th Grammy Awards, Tai is making history. Although that’ll be until next time sunday 4th february When we know the winner of the ‘Album of the Year’ category, Swift is already making history, just by the simple fact of being nominated for the seventh time in this category. If you don’t know, no artist has ever managed to match this record.

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However, the features don’t end there. Interpreter of hit films like Blank space this You are mine, Used to be grammy nominated at least 52 times, And the rumor that she stepped away from the microphone for a while after the scandal over her alleged call with Kanye West in 2016 was created by Kim Kardashian and which the singer has referred to on more than one occasion as “a disaster” that ended her career.

Despite the insecurities that this condition caused Taylor Swift, the singer made a comeback with everything in 2017 by releasing her music album, Reputation.

What record could Taylor Swift break at the Grammys?

The singer, who released a deluxe edition of ‘Midnights’ with an unreleased song in May 2023, may feature in first artist grammy history Win the prize four times.

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