Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce: Their passionate viral kiss at the Super Bowl

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce: Their passionate viral kiss at the Super Bowl

Expectations were at their peak heading into the most anticipated sporting event in the United States. super bowl 2024 Ended up with a clear winner: los kansas city chiefs The team in which he plays Taylor Swift’s boyfriend Travis Kelce, A few days ago, details were given of the three million euro box in which the artist was going to enjoy the match and that he had to travel a very long distance to be present. Well, all that happened and besides, the couple left behind a memorable moment A kiss in the middle of the celebration that didn’t take long to go viral,

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s long-awaited kiss after winning the Super Bowl

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Taylor recently finished her tour in Japan, where she gave four concerts in different areas of the country. However, the distance did not prevent him from being present at one of the most anticipated sporting events for Americans and, without a doubt, for the rest of the world. The singer enjoyed every play of her boy’s team and encouraged them from the box where she watched her A group of friends that included actress Blake Lively.

Looks are also a part of the show. for the occasion Blake Lively chose a red Adidas tracksuit with distinctive white side lines And a tank top. Taylor’s friend couldn’t avoid the gestures at every play in the game.

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for its part, The singer chose an all black look It consists of pants with a thigh opening and a lace top with straps.

Passionate kiss between Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce after the win

Once the match ended, which lasted longer than expected due to the tied score, the singer went to the grass with her mother-in-law to congratulate her partner, who had just won one of the most important sporting events. One had won. First we got to see the mother and son meet and once she meets Travis, Taylor entered into a long embrace which was captured by all the photographers present.

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Moreover, as you can see in these pictures, the hero They gave several kisses which soon went viral. Ending one of the most famous nights in the United States.


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