Taylor Swift crowned Spotify’s Top Artist of the Year with 26 Billion Streams Worldwide

Taylor Swift crowned Spotify's Top Artist of the Year with 26 Billion Streams Worldwide

Swifties around the world woke up to Taylor Swift topping their Spotify Wrapped list—but that wasn’t the only lead spot she grabbed. The pop star/anti-hero/newly anointed Kansas City Chiefs fan has officially been crowned Spotify’s most streamed artist of the year, beating out other heavy hitters like Bad Bunny (the top streamed artist in the last three years), The Weeknd , and Lana Del Rey.

As of January 1, Taylor has clocked a whopping 26.1 billion streams worldwide. He also claimed several places in other superlative lists released by the streaming service.

The single “Cruel Summer” is from his 2019 album Loving and “Anti-Hero” from his 2022 album About midnight are the sixth and tenth most streamed songs, respectively. Meanwhile, those same albums earned their rightful place on the most streamed album list, with About midnight coming in second place and Loving in seventh place.

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The transparent number of streams is undoubtedly strengthened by Taylor’s record-breaking worldwide Eras Tour, as well as the release of two re-recordings of his old records, Speak Now and 1989, projects he lovingly calls “(Taylor’s Version).” Both debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200.

“I feel freer to create now. And I’m making more albums at a more rapid pace than I ever did before,” said Taylor in an interview published in different last year. “I think the more art you make, hopefully the less pressure you put on yourself. This is just a phase I’m going through right now. And everyone is different. There are people who put out an album every five years and it’s brilliant and that’s the way they work. And I have full respect for that. But I’m happier if I always do things.”

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This isn’t the first time the Grammy winner has made streaming history. In August, Spotify also revealed that Taylor had officially become the first female artist to reach 100 million monthly listeners.

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