Taylor Swift demands tracking of her flights be stopped; sell jet

 Taylor Swift demands tracking of her flights be stopped;  sell jet

Mexico City.-Taylor Swift sold one of her private jets, identified as a Dassault Falcon 900 aircraft, after it emerged that a University of Florida student dedicated to tracking the flights of the singer and other celebrities who Star upsets US.

According to TMZ, the “Blank Space” artist divested himself of the property a few weeks ago and transferred ownership to a company specializing in automobiles.

The sale was recorded amid a scam spread by a fan named Jack Sweeney, who was dedicated to using public data and browsing social networks to find out about the flights of political figures and celebrities.

In the last week of December, Swift’s team contacted Sweeney with a termination letter, accusing him of alerting stalkers to the singer’s location. In the document signed by members of the Venable law firm, they accused the young man of “providing those with the intention of causing him harm, or those with nefarious or violent intentions, a road map to carry out their plans.”

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Sweeney showed the letter in an email to the AP. In that message, he stressed that, although he never intended to cause harm, he strongly believes in the importance of transparency and public information.

“Your aircraft can be expected to be tracked whether I do so or not, because at the end of the day it is public information,” he wrote.

A spokesperson for Taylor pointed to a complaint against the young man alleging that the artist’s harassment somewhat matches the data provided by Sweeney.

The lawyers’ letter also accuses the young man of “disregarding the personal safety of others”; “Deliberate and repeated harassment of our client”; and “deliberate, offensive and reprehensible conduct and persistent violation of our client’s privacy.”

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The student argued that his automated monitoring aggregates public flight data, where private jet trips are broadcast, which is required by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). However, Venable’s attorneys have demanded that Sweeney “immediately stop providing information to the public regarding our client’s location.”

In the past, Jack Sweeney dedicated himself to exposing Elon Musk’s public information, which ultimately led to him being blocked from the X platform, claiming that it threatened his personal safety.


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