Taylor Swift influence: business, politics, society and music 2024/02/12

Taylor Swift influence: business, politics, society and music 2024/02/12

The Super Bowl is the most important social and sporting event in the United States and has a direct impact on the economies of the city and state hosting the game. Suffice it to know that the greatest amount of guacamole is consumed in North American homes and restaurants on this Sunday; Producers from Jalisco and Michoacán send 130,000 tons of avocados to meet today’s demand. Without a doubt, the NFL is the best sports league in the world in terms of organization and profits for its members, owners, players, media and commercial partners. Total profits for the year 2022 exceed $18 billion, the best in its history; Commissioner Roger Goodell promised that this figure would reach 27 billion by 2027, which seemed very difficult to achieve. Until Taylor Swift reached the NFL.

Swift, 34, rose to fame with her debut hit in 2008 and has since become the most popular singer on the planet, managing to maintain a healthy and positive image, which is rarely seen in the world of showbiz and which has fueled scandals. And frivolity, questionable lifestyle and millions of youth in the world follow it. Her romances and breakups with multi-millionaire actors, musicians and celebrities have filled gossip stories in recent years and inspired many of her songs. Last September she began a relationship with Travis Kelce, a player for the Kansas City Chiefs, the most successful franchise in recent years in the NFL. The unlikely relationship between two people from different worlds has yielded unexpected social, economic, and even familial implications.

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Kelce’s jersey sales increased 400% this season, and viewership for all NFL games increased 7%, averaging 17.9 million per game. Sponsorships increased by 20%, the audience of teen girls increased by 53% and women aged 18 to 24 increased by 24 percent. This has had a positive impact on many families with young girls who have shown no interest in complex and violent games; Now, to see their idol on television, they have come to watch “boring” sports with their parents and siblings, gradually becoming followers of the sport.

The North American singer is in the midst of a world tour that will generate over $1.82 billion from sales of songs, tickets, royalties, official merchandise, and the film of her tour; He wall street journal It is estimated that the global economy will receive a total boost of $5.7 billion. In Japan alone, where their last concert took place, revenues of $228 million were recorded. But its impact goes beyond money: it has become a cultural icon for generations of children, teens, and youth around the world. Her followers, known as Swifties, number in the millions around the world. His Instagram profile alone is followed by more than 280 million accounts. For context, Joe Biden, Donald Trump and AMLO have 17, 23 and 1.4 million followers on the same network. What Swift does and says has a global reach, making a real impact on whatever topic she’s involved with. The singer has previously criticized Trump’s policies and attitude, and in recent days Republicans have threatened Swift to refrain from endorsing Biden’s re-election, claiming it would be “disloyal”, while Republicans are already starting a campaign against it. Taylor Swift and her followers could decide the election of the President of the United States and, therefore, influence the history of humanity.

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But all is not well for Taylor Swift. Her celebrity status has almost cost her privacy from fans and critics. Many chronic followers of the NFL have criticized her because they think she doesn’t know the game, as if it’s only for people who have watched it their whole lives, while she’s just a girl who watches her boyfriend play games. Watching the game being played, as is the case with all sports. Games at all levels. He has donated millions of dollars to charity and has managed to maintain a clean image that does not embarrass his fans or his parents. In a world of rising conflicting values, singers who sing odes to drug traffickers, denigrate women and glorify vices, having a Taylor Swift who promotes friendship and affection among her followers strikes a balance. Contributes to what creates a better world.

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