Taylor Swift meets Paul McCartney at the Super Bowl

Taylor Swift meets Paul McCartney at the Super Bowl

Taylor swift is one of them most important artist That is why today a large part of the country is watching fans who were watching the Super Bowl, His attention was on the blonde singer.

to his Support for your partner Travis Kelk And this is something that was present week after week nfl game But on this occasion as it is Many more stars gathered at the Super Bowl alredero tay tay, One of them was Paul McCartney.

Taylor Swift and Paul McCartney meet

many It was the photographer who captured this moment what in Taylor talks to music legend And a member of one of the most important bands like The Beatles.

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That’s why Your meeting got the fans excited Many Swifties already have a presence through the social network.

Paul McCartney and Taylor Swift at Super Bowl LVIII AFP
Paul McCartney and Taylor Swift at the Super Bowl AFP

How was Taylor Swift’s appearance at the Super Bowl?

It is worth mentioning that Taylor Swift had to take a lot of time crossing For Watch your partner win at the Allegiant Stadium, A stadium located in Las Vegas, where the Super Bowl will be held.

The day before I was scheduled to have a concert in Japan, But that didn’t stop them from being in the box seats to watch Kansas win their fourth NFL title.

Fan reaction

e quickly A meeting between music legend Paul McCartney and iconic Taylor Swift goes viral And many of his fans did not hesitate to comment on it.

-It is very special to my heart that Sir Paul McCartney appreciates Taylor so much, she is one of the only real stars that makes me happy that he takes her into account and loves her, the admiration is complete
-God Taylor greeting Paul McCartney and standing next to Miles Teller, how great it is to be a Swiftie
-Pretty incredible, imagine watching a game with Paul McCartney. This makes me laugh because Taylor would be excited, I’m sure he would tell her and sing the help song for me
-I’m thrilled with Taylor’s group of friends. Five minutes ago he was with Ice Spice and now he’s with Paul McCartney.


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