Taylor Swift or the Super Bowl?

Taylor Swift or the Super Bowl?

This Sunday, February 11, the Super Bowl will bring more than 100 million viewers to their screens.

In the United States, this evening is sacred!

Not wanting to miss anything from the game, the pub and half-time, we invade the supermarket and run to the poultry counter.

Stop looking for chicken wings, they’re gone…

Tons will be consumed!

On the BBQ, in the oven, in the slow cooker, in the air fryer…

Beer boxes are going out indiscriminately.

There is no question of dry throat.

And for dessert: the popular chocolate cake in the shape of a football!

my old lady and the taylor swift incident

-She’s gonna sing at halftime, bad thing with Celine?

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-No, Mom, she’s giving a show in Tokyo the day before, but thanks to her private jet and the time difference, she’ll be in her super dressing room on Sunday to watch her darling perform.

-A 12 hour flight just to watch the match after the show at the stadium? I hope her boyfriend wins…

-her too, Mother, Because his dressing room will actually be a private suite at a modest cost of $3 million.

-That’s fair… are we still talking about a football match?

-Yeah, but Taylor Swift is a billionaire…

The Super Bowl is priceless!

The 30-second ad cost $7 million.

Billions of dollars are said to be spent on sports betting.

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To see players as big as ants play at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas on Sunday, you had to pay between $6,000 and $12,000 for a seat.

To see them in VIP mode: you’ll have to pay more than $50,000.

And my old woman concluded:

-I think our hockey is more awesome!

Anyway, I like Celine more.


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