Taylor Swift talks for the first time about her relationship with Travis Kelce

 Taylor Swift talks for the first time about her relationship with Travis Kelce: when exactly did they start dating?  - Off stage

Taylor Swift has become one of the figures without whom 2023 cannot be understood in musical terms. It swept every place he passed. His show’ swept the box office, and his compositions won several awards. But, in addition, there is more than a decisive detail that will mark this year for him: he is in love. Something that also influenced the fact that he was the most searched person on Google in the last 12 months. His name was Travis Kelce, and even though he was seen by her side, he didn’t talk about it.

He didn’t speak. Until now. Like we said, he didn’t try to show anything, but he didn’t try to hide either. The first time they were seen together was in September, and there was a great commotion. It was at the end of one of his games when they left the stadium side by side. Of course, it wasn’t the night at first, and this is what he clarified: “We were already a couple when I went to see him in the first game. I think some people still think that was our first date. We were never crazy enough to do that on a first date.”.

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Extrapolate reflections

At that moment, he gave a very clear idea of ​​when this relationship began which he was happy about: in July, when he went to meet her at one of his concerts on the aforementioned ‘tour’ and, after the ‘show’, he came to the dressing room to greet her. “We started dating after that, so we spent a significant amount of time without anyone knowing, which I’m very thankful for because we got to know each other, explained Taylor, indicating that there was nothing to hide but that he would not give more details than necessary.

“When you say a relationship is public, it means you go to see someone do what they want. We want to be in each other’s lives. There are always a lot of people around, but we don’t care. The opposite of “That’s because you have to go to extreme lengths to make sure no one finds out you have a boyfriend. And we’re just proud of each other.” He adds to the context and launches a reflection that can be extrapolated to what we see in other famous couples and about which we can make assumptions.