“Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour” Quickly Streams Nationwide


Dominating social media all summer, Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour has finally hit the big screen. The cultural event swept the country off its feet and is expected to generate $5.7 billion in revenue. From Swift’s nostalgic country albums to her latest album Midnights, the concert takes the audience on a journey through the seasons of Swift’s musical career.

Controversy surrounds the tour as tickets reach sky-high prices. The “historically unprecedented demand” for tickets caused the site to experience several issues and left fans scrambling. While the original tickets were priced in the mid-hundreds, they sold out quickly, and the average price of a sold ticket rose to $3,801.

However, Swift has now made it possible for anyone to experience the Eras Tour with the release of “Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour,” which hits theaters on October 13. Fans can now watch at magic opened at $19.89 for adults, a reference to Swift’s birthday year and fifth studio album, and $13.13 for children and seniors, a reference to Swift’s favorite number 13.

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The film was filmed during Swift’s six sold-out concerts in Los Angeles. The film opens with an aerial shot of SoFi Stadium, and a sweeping view of the audience illustrates the sheer magnitude of the iconic pop singer’s fandom. While the film highlights Swift’s talent and creativity, I really enjoyed the appreciation it gave fans.

The opening numbers from the Lover album start the movie in a fun, bright way. Close-up camera angles highlight the colorful outfits of Swift’s backup dancers and the overall spirit of the show.

Some critics say the sudden camera movements are distracting and feel jarring. However, I think the camera angles work to bring the audience into the experiences of the people at the concerts. Shots of fans screaming, crying, laughing, and singing allow their emotions to permeate the screen.

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While this movie is placed in the concert category, I felt it was more theatrical. The movie flowed with Swift’s songs smoothly, which I believe was a different experience than seeing it live in a stadium. For example, director Sam Wrench creatively moved the film into the Folklore Era by animating lights from a live shot of the stadium to spell “folklore.”

As theaters preached that moviegoers should maintain typical theater etiquette during the movie, it became fashionable to dance along with the songs. People on social media criticized those who participated. However, I especially enjoyed the laid-back vibe of the entire movie. Since it was almost three hours long, people felt free to restock snacks or use the restroom without the usual embarrassment. Some people use their phone to text during breaks between songs or tracks they are not interested in.

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When I saw the movie, the theater was filled with little kids wearing amazing Taylor Swift-inspired outfits. During “Shake It Off,” about fifteen kids and their parents got up and danced.

While some people may be offended by this innocent act, I remember my childhood and feel lucky watching these kids make lifelong memories.

If you don’t want to visit theaters, the movie will soon be available for home screening in the US, Canada, and additional countries on December 13.