Taylor Swift will arrive at the Super Bowl after her concert in Tokyo

Taylor Swift will arrive at the Super Bowl after her concert in Tokyo

Taylor Swift has managed to win over everyone and that’s why Swifties around the world are wondering if with her current relationship with Travis Kelce, she will be able to support him at the Super Bowl, So finally the Japanese Embassy has revealed the truth.

Taylor Swift’s Erasure Tour Has Arrived in Japan, So Now the Singer Faces a Logistical Dilemma Try to reach on time to support your partner, And some details have already been released.

What did the Japanese Embassy say?

Amid concerns from thousands of fans about Taylor Swift’s appearance at the Super Bowl to support her current partner, the Japanese Embassy, ​​where the singer is scheduled to perform this weekend, released a statement that sparked outrage via social media. Has reassured millions of people.

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The embassy assured that if Taylor left Japan on time, he would be in Las Vegas before the sports show started, so there would be no concerns.

What will Taylor Swift have to face to see Travis Kelce at the Super Bowl?

The Japanese Embassy in the United States said in a statement shared on social media Confirmed to be aware of media reports About the logistical challenges Taylor Swift will face when traveling from Tokyo after her concert on February 10 to arrive in her native country on the 11th.

Although the flight is 12 hours away, there is a time difference of 17 hours, which is why the issue has become so controversial that the Japanese Embassy itself had to inform if the singer would be part of the night after her performance, she would come super Arrive in Las Vegas comfortably before Bowl LVII begins.

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“We know many people in Japan are excited to experience Taylor Swift’s Erasure Tour, so we wanted to confirm that this talented artist will surprise Japanese audiences and support the Chiefs when they take the field for the Super Bowl. Will go to Las Vegas.” Here is an excerpt from what is read in the statement.

It is important to mention that for Swift to achieve this feat, she would have to depart as soon as possible after her concert in Tokyo.

It seems that the relationship between the singer and the athlete is at the best level, So we hope to see a great love story whenever possible Find out at the right time for the most important event of the year.

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