Taylor Swift's astronomical concert salary revealed

Taylor Swift's astronomical concert salary revealed

It was revealed today Taylor Swift’s voting intention could be decisive for the next United States elections, And the singer has become a phenomenon who transcends musical barriers. Because of his decisions millions of people follow him and do the same, thus making him a true influencer.

The artist has his sights set on the Grammy Awards this Sunday, February 5. The focus is also on this, because The record could achieve a win in the Best Album category., The megastar dreams of it being a magical night, just as he hopes it will be for his partner, travis kels, In this case, the night of next February 11, the date when he will be with his team, the Kansas Chiefs, in the grand finale of the Super Bowl.

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Let us tell you that Taylor not only exposes the madness of her fans. It also has access to American football. After attending a game, ‘Shake It Off’ singer Travis managed to increase t-shirt sales by 400%, Almost nothing, just to watch your boyfriend play.

Taylor Swift’s exorbitant salary

The figures that Taylor Swift manages are unimaginable. As reported by Billboard, she has earned 11 million euros for each concert on ‘The Eras Tour’. That is, if you sell all your tickets, which usually cost around 200 euros, on the 52 dates you have scheduled. This last tour will earn a total of 591 million dollars,

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The amount makes the artiste enjoy a net worth of $1,000 million. With ‘The Era’s Tour’ tour Has left behind iconic queens of the stage like Madonna, which grossed $400 million, becoming the highest-priced tour of all time. However, the tour that brought in the most revenue is still ongoing. Ed Sheeran Which achieved the milestone of more than 700 million.


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