Taylor Swift’s short film thrills fans with her redo

NEW YORK (AP) – Taylor Swift fans know how to look for discreet clues and easter eggs in her lyrics and music videos, so the pop star is eagerly awaiting the release of a short film delving deeper into her romantic life to a fan favorite song.

It’s All Too Good: A Short Film will premiere on Friday night.Fans were in awe of her new version of her classic album Red, originally released in 2012, which includes hits such as We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together and 22.

“It’s all about what the fans have turned this song into,” Swift told AP at a fan screening in New York on Friday. “It never had a single, it never had a video, it never had a visual element, but they pretty much created their own imaginary cinematic universe for it, so I just continue what they started and what they told me. told. they wanted. “

Swift re-records his first six albums because her original masters were sold by her previous label and she wanted to create new masters that she could own herself. “Red (Taylor’s Version)” was released on Friday with an extended set of 30 songs, including duets with Ed Sheeran, Chris Stapleton and Phoebe Bridgers.

“I want to look back on this music and just see the music, see the art and see the experience I got in concerts,” Swift said of re-recording her music. “It was mine, and now it is really divided between me and the fans, and this is what I really learned from this experience.”

The fan-favorite new 10-minute version of “All Too Well” is one of the most popular on Twitter, with fans enjoying the juicy details of the additional lyrics.

Although Swift did not reveal who the song was about, Swift’s detectives chose actor Jake Gyllenhaal as the likely beauty who broke her heart.

The short films starred Dylan O’Brien and Sadie Sink as the married couple, with Swift as the writer and director of the 35mm film.


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