Technology in the Service of Civil Defense

Technology in the Service of Civil Defense

Crime has become one of the major problems in this area. In 2018, Latin America was identified as one of the places with the highest incidence of crime (33%) in the world, according to the Brazilian institute, Igarape.

According to the collaborative database, Numbeo, the crime rate determined that the three countries with the lowest security rates are Peru, Guyana and Venezuela, with 32.76%, 31.07% and 16.84%, respectively. And, on the other hand, countries like Mexico (46.10%) and Colombia (41.29%) have better security rates. Looking at these indicators a question arises, What are the factors that cause these results?

There is one fundamental element that is contributing to the fight against crime in the region: the strategic use of technology. For example, in Mexico, the security forces have a database that integrates details of vehicles, weapons, people and even information from entities such as Interpol for better deterrence work against crime.

In this sense, the integration of communication technologies focused on public safety becomes a priority. An example of this is the use of body cameras or 4G bodycams, whose technology provides recorded or real-time information on any conversation, which can be a form of protection for personnel using them and to discourage crime. can also be used as an option. , In addition, these devices can be used as a surveillance supplement for fixed security cameras in those blind spots.

Mission Critical Communications (MCC) has become an important factor in public safety. TETRA, the most widely recognized open standard for Terrestrial Trunked Radio and Voice MCC, and specialized broadband applications that combine voice, video, data, achieves interoperability with many technologies in public safety and emergency environments. These reliable communication networks are invaluable for quick response and preventive planning to prevent human and physical harm.

In this fight, critical mission communication technology used as part of the overall strategy is a great ally for civil defense. Although crime is a complex problem, technological advances can be of great help in tackling it.