Ten Hag, to Garnacho: “You have to do the right things in your life”

Ten Hag, to Garnacho:

Alejandro Garnacho’s start to the season was exciting as he found himself a starter at Manchester United. Everything changed over the weeks until the player was moved to the bench. His prominence and impact on the game took a backseat, even in two days of the eight games, he did not play a single minute. Coach Erik Ten Hag spoke about his player for the club’s official website.

“I think everybody likes it. I like him, but we have to demand and push him all the time, because we know he can perform at a high level, but that’s something he has to show every day,” said Ten Hag part Spanish-Argentine. He also explained the reason why he has no more minutes: “We played with him (as a starter) at the beginning of the season, but his contribution was not enough. Also, he had some good actions after that, and I think he always attracts the game even if he doesn’t play well. I think he can be decisive all the time, because he has many qualities.

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He added: “I want to see him get into the area and be in the right place to finish, like he did against Crystal Palace in the League Cup. “I think it’s normal for a player of his age there is a lot of room for improvement.”

Alejandro Garnacho has caught everyone’s attention since his debut in the Manchester United first team and expectations have risen since he was called up to the Argentine National Team. His destiny was to become one of the stars of the Red Devils and the Albiceleste but since his breakthrough his performance has gone from very small, from starter to a luxurious catalyst.

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The Manchester United coach has since criticized his performance, saying ownership rests with himself. “He still has things to learn, but we are very happy with his progress and what he brings to the team. Now, it depends on your attitude. If he continues to work, it is possible that he will play more. He wants to improve every day. He must do the right things in his life, he has very good qualities. He is a genius with speed, dribbling and definition. He will be a starter in the future,” said Ten Hag.

So far this season, Garnacho has played three games as a starter (one of them in the League Cup) out of a total of nine he has participated in, scoring one goal in 322 minutes. His numbers are pretty smart for a player who can add up. The ball is still in their court.

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