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Ten keys to better sleep are as important for health as heart care

Experts assure that sleep duration is an independent risk factor for suffering from a major cardiovascular event. The American Heart Association offers a list of tips for getting better rest, such as avoiding alcohol and caffeine consumption before bed.

Establishing a routine, avoiding alcohol and caffeine before bed, eliminating noise and blocking out light are just a few of the ten tips for good sleep.It has recently been added to the list of “life’s essentials” by the American Heart Association and, although it does not happen in an increasingly prevalent way.

“Different scientific societies place sleep duration as an independent risk factor for suffering a major cardiovascular event, ie a myocardial infarction, a cerebrovascular accident or early death, which occurs before the expected age for the population . These new recommendations put sleep in its place, something as important as the other risk factors or diseases mentioned”, said Ramiro Heredia (MN 117.882), seventh president of Internal Medicine of the Hospital de Clínicas Said the clinical doctor.

Sleep duration was recently added to the list of “Life’s Seven Essentials”.what now they are eightof the American Heart Association, which means that patients should be questioned, assessed, and advised by their doctors in counseling as it is done with hypertension, blood glucose, cholesterol, diabetes, physical activity, smoking, and body weight and diet. goes. ,

Regarding how many hours a person should sleep, Heredia explained that “in a recent study, a group of researchers, after analyzing surveys of more than 500,000 individuals on how they slept, mental health questionnaires, cognitive tests and Brain MRI, came to a conclusion. The conclusion that a healthy adult should sleep at least 7 hours a day for better mental healthLower incidence of psychiatric disorders, and less decline in cognition.

Plus, “sleeping more than 7 hours was also associated with a decreased incidence of heart disease, metabolic syndrome, overweight, obesity, and early death.”

With respect to the pediatric population, the expert pointed out that A child should sleep most of the day, a toddler at least 10–11 hours, a teen 9–10, and an older adult a little less than an adult,

“However, if a person sleeps for 8 hours, and after that they don’t feel rested, refreshed or satiated, they probably need more sleep. There is no magic number. We are said to sleep less of our lives.” In general, about 8 hours of sleep is recommended for a healthy adult,” explained the professional in a statement issued by the clinic.

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sleep disorders

Regarding sleep disorders, he cautioned that they are “extremely frequent” and recent research exemplifies that in the United States 35% of the adult population sleeps less than 7 hours, 20% report daytime sleepiness, and less than 50% of the population gets a “good night’s sleep”,

To this is added the presence of various sleep disorders such as insomnia and obstructive sleep apnea: the latter affects 15% of women, 15–30% of men and is related to a high incidence of arterial hypertension. , arrhythmia, heart failure , coronary disease, stroke, diabetes mellitus and sudden death.

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10 keys to better sleep

In this context, Heredia recommended 10 tips for better rest,

  • set regular times for sleeping and getting up;
  • If you have a habit of napping, it should not exceed 45 minutes;
  • Avoid excessive consumption of alcohol at least 4 hours before going to bed and caffeine about 6 hours before going to bed, and do not smoke;
  • You should also avoid high-fat, spicy, or high-sugar, and calorie foods for 4 hours before bedtime, including chocolate, which has a stimulating effect;
  • Regular physical activity can help you rest better, but not right before you go to bed;
  • Use comfortable bedding;
  • keep the room well ventilated with a comfortable temperature;
  • Eliminate or block out distracting noises, and as much light as possible;
  • Furthermore, it recommends using the bed only for sleeping and having sex, preventing it from becoming a place for working, reading, eating, etc., and warns that it is not recommended to go to bed hungry. falls asleep (in these cases you can eat something light before bedtime);
  • Finally, if a person lies down and cannot fall asleep, some experts recommend not staying in bed and procrastinating when they do go to bed.

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