Tensions between ELN and Government delegations ahead of fifth round of peace talks

Tensions between ELN and Government delegations ahead of fifth round of peace talks


The first letter was dated November 19, three days after Otty Patiño requested an urgent meeting with Pablo Beltrán, head of the ELN negotiating team to address the kidnapping issue.

In this communication the ELN says that the peace talks with the Government are going through a critical moment, they recognize that the kidnapping of Luis Manuel Díaz, the father of the soccer player Lucho Díaz, was a mistake.

That the letter signed by Otty Patiño as the head of the Government delegation in which he requested an extraordinary meeting to discuss the kidnapping, the ELN will not comply with that or any ultimatum that they want to impose unilaterally and they want to reject. the agreed agenda of this peace process.

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The ELN says that it will reach the fifth cycle in Mexico, to try to start it on December 1, but they asked that before the plenary sessions a public declaration agreed with the government delegation that communicates the goals, agenda and duration of this new. round of conversations.

In the second letter, dated November 23, they told the guarantor and the partner countries that the delegation will travel from Caracas to Mexico but they will not accept small meetings or those of only the leaders of the delegations.

The ELN said that until there is clarity, the activities of the National Committee for the Participation of Civil Society in this peace process will be suspended and that in the Monitoring and Verification Mechanism of the ceasefire they will leave a channel of communication through peace administrators.

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The Government and ELN delegations hope to meet in Mexico City this Thursday, November 30, and overcome this crisis and establish the fifth cycle of dialogues where they hope to reach an agreement on the kidnapping issue.